All Change – By @BeaaaBergman

Bea Bergman

By Bea Bergman


All Change


The holiday is over and we’re all back at SCA, and it’s weird. It’s weird because the studio I walked out of on the 18th of December is not the one I walked in to on Tuesday.
It might look exactly the same, but for sure it is not.
I suspect I’m in a parallel universe or similar, because something has changed that I can’t quite put my finger on. 
The change is very scary but at the same time incredibly exciting and I’m questioning everything from the walls around me to my purpose in life.
How can this be? How can so much have changed in such short time?
I guess there’s only one logical answer, if this is not a parallel universe then it must be that I have changed over the past two weeks being away from school.
It took me about two days to fully understand, but I have changed so much.
It might sound strange that a person can change noticeably in just over two weeks, but really it’s not at all. Not when you’re a student at SCA.
Being force fed so much information and knowledge since September I never took a moment to stop and reflect, which is why I stayed the same. So over the holidays I did, I went through every day of the term in my head and reflected upon it, which is when it all caught up with me and I changed.
Now this is, as you can understand very scary. Which is why I’m writing this right now.
If you are reading this and you are planning to go to SCA one day you need to know this;
If you don’t want to change then SCA is not for you, and no matter how much you’ll try to avoid it, it will happen eventually when you least expect it. I can tell you for sure, it is going to feel absolutely amazing.
It makes me feel so incredibly excited to think how much of a better more intelligent myself I’ve become, a BeaProPlus if you will. 
All this after only one term, how lucky am I? How lucky are we at SCA, who are given these great tools to develop as human beings and become a better self every day.
Change is scary when you notice it, but really it’s just an upgrade.
This is why you should go to SCA because if someone tells you that you can upgrade and become a better version of yourself, why wouldn’t you take up on that opportunity?
And with that being said,  \\// <–(Vulcan greeting) BeaProPlus

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