All the things I miss – By @TomoTheTaka

By Tomo Taka


All the things I miss 

I miss a lot about my life before SCA.

I miss the weekends that were actually weekends.

I miss the end of work at 6pm.

I miss a good night’s rest.

I miss the spontaneous nights out.

I miss the hangovers.

I miss the holidays.

I miss being able to pull a sickie.

I miss the lack of stress.

I miss the meals out.

I miss my mates.

I miss playing football every week.

I miss being out of my overdraft.

I miss the mornings where I didn’t wake up with a brand on my mind.

I miss the cinema. Or being able to afford it.

I miss the constant Netflix binge.

I miss my guitar. She feels neglected.

I miss my Playstation.

I miss the freedom of having nothing to do.

I miss being able to indulge myself.

I miss the time when my life wasn’t dictated by a man who lived up a spiral staircase.

I miss sign-offs being things you got from celebrities.

I miss every pub besides the Market House.

I miss the sight of a clear Mac desktop.

I miss walking around without a bag. Or a portfolio.

I miss when my calendar app was never used.

I miss a time when a Sharpie wasn’t in my pocket.

I miss thinking I’d never need a printer because we lived in a paperless society.

I miss my bedroom being a place of rest.

I miss meditation being a thing you did to be cool.

I miss a S.M.A.R.T. goal being a 10-pass move ending with a ball in the net.

I miss Photoshop being a form of visual sorcery.

I miss Illustrator being a type of artist.

I miss Town Hall being an old building.

I miss Brixton being a place I’d rarely visit.

I miss spending most of my time north of the Thames.

I miss Ashley being a name of a girl.

I miss poker chips as things you gambled.

I miss a time when D&AD was a typo for your father.

I miss the start of July marking summer holidays.

I miss when ads were things you skipped.

I miss the church being a place of worship.

I miss SCA being a jumble of letters.


So is it worth it? Every minute.

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