All The Times I’ve Seen Marc In The 8 Months I’ve Been At SCA

I’ve recently been reflecting on all the wonderful times and briefs I’ve been to see Marc about and get some feedback on SMPs, thoughts, ideas and posters. His ideas and advice are always welcomed. These are in no particular order but I’ve tried to do it somewhat chronologically.

  1. Some brand to do with life insurance – the very first thing I can remember super early on. He thought my execution scamp with tombstones was morbid and I should try more techniques to open my thinking. Ended up doing something to do with a baby’s crib.
  2. Sea Cadetsliked an SMP to do with being the master of the sea, thought the other propositions didn’t focus on the sea enough. Thought the snapchat map idea was cool. We switched the proposition to “sea adventures with friends” partnered with BeReal and it was liked.
  3. Adidas Swimthought the concept of focusing on the advantages different body types/functions gives you in the water was interesting… wasn’t keen on our executions. We fleshed them out a little for the final video but it wasn’t great. Nonetheless he was intrigued to see where they could’ve gotten to with more time.
  4. Gucci Vaultthought the idea of passing upcycled pieces from celeb to celeb for an entire year was an interesting PR stunt, thought it needed to be bigger than just concluding to a NYE party at the end. We changed it from NYE party and it went as donations to a prom charity
  5. Turkish Delighthe questioned the validity of the SMP and whether you would really betray your family for a Turkish Delight. He sent an example of what chatGPT wrote for it and asked if my proposition gave me many execution ideas.
  6. Whole Badgvent Calendar talk through – didn’t like most but Kodak’s “proof of life” felt interesting
  7. Mirindadidn’t think my “Mirinda Rights” campaign was specific to the brand and told us to write lots more before the WIP in the morning and call him early and show him a list to choose from. We did and “a fruity fiesta” was his favourite from the options.
  8. Ernest Jonesthought we should think more about where the origins of gift giving started as an offering to the God’s, Kings & Queens. The original gifts were a sacrifice that were made.
  9. Freestyle Nappiesthought the brand was cool but thought “swap diaper changing time with freedom” wasn’t exactly right to say for millennial parents who already feel more guilt that their predecessors. He suggested we rewrite the proposition.
  10. Fur For Animalsliked our strategy of a pet fashion show wearing human skin, thought our executions needed more meat to them and recommended us looking at Mike Nelson’s exhibition he had recently seen at Hayward Gallery for inspiration to add story and layers to our video
  11. The Case For Her & Hey Janeliked the idea of “thank you mama” thought it was a good twist. When asked for feedback on our further exploration he said we needed to decide ourselves but it brought to mind stain glass windows in churches and tattoos that people usually get of their parents. Said we should find the route that works best for us.
  12. Carlsbergthought our idea of Zero-Gravity beer made specifically to be drunk when we get to the moon was interesting. Thought it needed a fun little activation to go with it and further exploration and gave the example of perhaps sending a message in a Carlsberg bottle into space. “Probably the best beer out of this world”
  13. Dignity In Dyingwe showed mockups of our idea but he told us to come back when we had written a brief with who our target audience was. When we were later having a conversation with Rob Mac about it, he passionately asked that Rob Mac not help us because he thought we hadn’t written a brief for it. Luckily we in fact had written a brief and had shown said brief to Uri which was signed off on for strategy.

I have to get on with the rest of my work now, but here are 13 times I’ve been to see Marc and he was great!


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