(Almost) no more earphones. – By @hachanitedj

By Tedj Hachani


(Almost) no more earphones.


It’s been now a week since I got rid of my earphones (or almost).


First, let me tell you that I’m a huge music fan, I listen to music everywhere I go. I couldn’t go anywhere without my earphones plugged in.


It became a real habit.


Why do I listen to music?


-To make me feel good

-I’m passionate about music

-To come up with new ideas

-To create a world that is mine

-To motivate me


That’s what 90% of the people will tell you.


Music plays a huge role in my life and I strongly feel about it.  It’s an important part of life and allows us to express ourselves as human beings. It also makes it easy to unite and relate to others who are different than ourselves. Life without it would be cold and silent…


I know that I can be very productive and creative when listening to music and yet I know for a fact that our intellectual performance suffers when you listen to music.

Of course, I’m in a better mood and it helps me relaxing, not stressing, but it’s also harder for me to focus unless I don’t need to concentrate that much because the task I’m trying to complete doesn’t need 100% of my focus (like repetitive tasks). It actually reduces my capacity of being attentive.


That’s why, as an experiment, I threw away my earphones and started listening to the sounds of the world around me instead of music. My mind feels so much clearer and I feel more in touch with the real world. Music is really good but I feel like I needed to get rid of that habit to experience the world as I used to: listening to conversations, people shouting, laughing, cars rolling, etc…



After all, music is in my brain, it’s kind of subconscious. 








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