If I was Oscar’s partner trying to make campaigns for Badvent Calendar 3 (Part 2)

Sorry to keep you all waiting. Let’s get right into it.

LinkedIn — LinkedIn, LinkedOut, LinkedIn, LinkedOut, LinkedShake it all about.

I like this one, it’s deep. It speaks to the nerves young adults have about entering the workforce and exploring LinkedIn for the first time. I’m seeing posters of people running toward some floating LinkedIn logo as their graduation robes fall to the ground revealing their naked bottoms. Might be a bit too deep. The activation is obviously a TikTok dance, but emotive.

Mastercard — Money for people who don’t have a big enough wad to flaunt.

Definitely something in this about not stretching out your trouser pockets as much. I’m seeing a poster zoomed in on a massively bulging jeans pocket with the copy ‘Is that a tonne of bank notes or are you just happy to see me? Mastercard. Keep it to yourself.’ Activations: Mastercard trousers that have one pocket for phone, keys, etc., but the other pocket can only fit a single credit card.

Netflix — Official sponsors of watching Netflix

Another deep one. This is the part of Netflix’s lifecycle where they can become self-referential and approach advertising from a more meta perspective. What if Netflix is upset that they’re the only ones who can’t watch Netflix. Could see similar copy in posters: ‘We know you love us. If only we could share that. Netflix. Don’t take it for granted that you are human.’ I’m also seeing a beautifully impactful commercial: 

The screen starts black, we hear muffled conversation. Suddenly the black screens peels upward and we see a TV reflected in a mirror. The speaker system underneath makes it look like it’s smiling. Two pairs of legs move back and forth across the screen. We eventually hear two ‘plunks’. A pair of legs approaches the screen, reaches out its arms and turns the screen to the right. We see a man sitting on a cardboard box holding a remote control. The woman who shifted the screen approaches a box to the man’s right and sits down. The man points the remote at the screen and in moments we hear dialogue from the US version of The Office. Everything fades out to black. In a second it fades back in to the end theme music of The Office and then silence as the man points the remote back at the screen. The couple leave and behind them is a large mirror. We see the TV’s reflection in the mirror once again, but due to a bend in the window, what once looked like a smile now looks like a frown. Netflix. If only we could experience it ourselves.

OreoOne layer of cream surrounded by two biscuits surrounded by your mouth surrounded by your chubby face surrounded by a train carriage full of people watching you eat an entire sleeve of Oreos without any milk.

This is really about how everyone has their own Oreo story to share. After all, it’s the most notorious cookie for a reason. I’m seeing posters documenting people’s Oreo stories. The catch? The stories are sketched into the cream filling. Oreo: It’s what’s inside that counts. As for activations, I’m seeing a full length novel comprised of people’s Oreo stories. The catch? The stories are etched into cream filling that people can lick off the pages.


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