A Love Letter by @AshJBibby


By Ashley Bibby


A Love Letter

At the start of the year we were told we should keep a notebook on us at all times.

Thankfully at that time I had a notebook on me and made a note of this great bit of information.

Months passed; masterclasses happened, bits of wisdom were told and a collection of random thoughts appeared and went into this book.

Then things turned sour.

It became worn, the edges tatty and the pages dirty.

The end came, the pages were full and the trusty steed got relegated to the shelf.

Abandoned there until I needed to recall a bit of information, at which point the notebook was never around.

It was now useless.

So I decided to replace my steed with a 21st century car.

It has endless pages.

Organised by the date they were created.

With titles letting me know what they are about.

Stored in sections that are easy to find.

Or searchable when I do an awful job at organising the notes I made.

All in my hand whenever and however I want them.

It is magical, I can even clone my notebook and show it to someone else.

They can even then add to it if they like.

I only wish you let me scribble on you.

Evernote you have changed my life.

You have somehow managed to bring some order to my chaotic life.

You remember the things I wish I could.

Thankfully if you are reading this I am happy to be in an open relationship.

So give it a whirl and give me free stuff.

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