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3 little letters that hold so much power. so much weight in the advertising industry.  ess cee ehh. Roll those words around your tongue. something about them just sound right, phonetically pleasing. though it could be because every 3rd sentence I utter in or outside of the school contains some kind of reference to the place to the extent that it’s merged into just one word now essceeh. It’s got to the point that when people ask what it stands for it takes a minute to remember. School of creative arts right?

So what if those letters stood for something else entirely? Here are some suggestions:

Serious Cat Appreciation

Not just Zeus and Porkchop (POP Brixton’s resident moggies) who seem to have an intuitive sense of when to appear for quick cortisol lowering stroke at the crucial hour of need, but also there are a few friends of the feline within the cohort. It stands to reason, Cats are independent and resourceful and just a little bit ruthless. Plus they have that ability to know who’s metaphorical leg to rub against to get what they want. Traits that would definitely aid in navigating the human jungle that is the world of advertising. We can learn from them

Sustained Childlike Activity

One of the most important lessons, ( and the one my uptight neurotic self struggles to get into) is one we had instilled from the beginning. GET INTO PLAYFUL CHILD MODE. It’s intrinsic to creating work that’s written with heart and depth. Creativity cannot be strained nor can it happen in a vacuum- the harder you try the less it comes. It’s when you get into a relaxed state that the ideas start flowing. The methods the Brixton students use to get into this headspace are interesting. Sometimes the studio can reassemble an overgrown children’s playground what with the nerf guns, Beyblades and the odd skateboard but it obviously works so why not?

Supportive Caring Atmosphere

I was warned about the egotistical and callous media types who’ll sell their grandmother in order to win a pitch so imagine my delight on entering an environment where you can cry in front of your classmates and not be (visibly) judged. It’s a place where everyone sees the good in each other and will positively affirm each other whenever possible. A place where the usual cliques of any high-pressure working/ studying environment haven’t formed. It’s a tough environment and it’s nice to know we’ve got each other’s backs. The spirit of reciprocity is well and truly alive from the Dean to the mentors to the students, to the alumni. Until the last term, where obviously we’ll be sabotaging each other pitches in order to win that coveted industry placement.  For now at least, everyone’s a delight.

Students Crushing Awards

They do. every year. and having watched the case studies I’m not surprised. The talent that comes from here can be intimidating especially being shown what we need to be capable of while we’re still adjusting to this new way of thinking.

But I believe that over time with this rigorous schedule of masterclasses, creative technique enforcement and the harshest level of effort we put in we too will put the lead in that coveted D and A D pencils.

Supreme Confidence Academy

Some come in with it, some fake it till they make it and some shut down when faced with a live client presentation. Regardless, the mentors will get it out of you, eventually. and as your abilities grow, so will your faith in yourself ( or so I’m told)

Size (of )cahonas assessment

Fortune favors the brave. You gotta have some balls to do this and to stand out. I guess we’ll know by July if they’re big enough. I could go on but that sound you hear is me scraping the barrel so I’ll quit while ahead.

Hopefully, this has shown that the Scottish Canoe Association (the first result that comes up on google, always tickles me) is whatever you want to be. We’re given the tools for success but it’s up to us to mold our destiny from those 3 letters.

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