Ploughing through the prep with pints from the Motherland.

As the deadline fast approaches to deliver this SCAB on time I thought it best to crack on with writing, my original thought fell unto the unfortunate naming of this collective blog but I thought it best to not pick at that too much.

Getting the detailed and lenghty letter from Marc of tasks to complete threw my pure ecstasy at gaining a place at this exclusive and elusive school into a more grounded feeling – I wouldn’t say so in a negative sense, rather more of a clarity and realization at the work ethic required and the skills I will have to get a handle of in a short period of time. Then I did as any promising and startled student would do, nothing for two weeks.

However that grace period now has me thinking…maybe those two weeks shying away from the tasks were not so much as a waste but rather a much needed preparation period. This course is all about altering and twisting our ideas and perceptions, it is all about upending our mundane thought patterns and learning to spin things in a new way, so I may as well start now by spinning my hiatus from responsibilities into something attractive.

Week one for instance – in this week I sank many pints of Guinness in my motherland thanking the dark beverage with each sip for their fantastic ads and how they saved me when asked “which ads do you really like” as someone not that well versed I would have been stuck had I not been an avid drinker of those beautiful, beautiful creamy pints. Is that a waste of time? I think not.

Week two I decided to really throw myself in to some fine cinematic experiences. The mainstream streaming sights lacked the quality of cinema that I sought, which led me to uncover through alternative means not only a great film but also the knowledge that there is in fact a copious amount of milfs looking for fun in my area. Again a waste of time? We all know the answer to that. I watched Paris Texas followed by the elusive fast and furious 6 – the former film mentioned stirred up my dormant appetite for great cinematography but it was the latter that really cemented it.  

In conclusion – it is interesting on reflection what it is you end up doing when you’re putting off what you have to end up doing and how many juul pods you getting through while doing that. Injecting some seriousness to the end of my scab just to ensure some flavour of integrity, I am beyond excited and appreciative to finally be a part of something so interesting, challenging and most importantly creative. I will get round to completing all of the tasks laid bare by the father of SCA – that’s one done already and I think that calls for another pint of Guinness.


which agencies are going to be fighting each other for the chance to workwith us. More to be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

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