An Erotic Novel, by @moshSCA2






By MOSH – The intake of 2014/15


“If you were to write an erotic novel, when and where would it be set.”


At SCA we’re all over-worked and under-sexed. Here are our wildest fantasies laid bare for you as we currently drown in pregnancy tests and panty liners.

It would be set in 2015 at the S.C.A

But the students are all animals


In Frazer’s bedroom. Present day. Protagonist: Frazer Price.

“Hey Soren” Frazer said. Soren looked at him and paused for a while and then said “Creme Fraicher”.


Marc Lewis’ office. Ten years time, when one of us takes over from him and Honor is my right-hand man.


Ah yes, Honor. Despite Larry’s advances her heart belonged to Frazer. But little did he know of her plan to win him for ever.


Nor did he know of Marcella’s plans for him either.


I’ve lived all my fantasies


2015, old mansion house in the woods. A mix between horror story and S&M.


I’m with this person ^


Nowadays, at the Costa café or the Subway around Brixton. Don’t ask why.


In space ; zero gravity.


I’d be with Kizzy, emptying a bottle of J&B.


Home. Alone. Sobbing. But in the 1780s.


Super hero’s and villains with a Romeo and Juliet sort of vibe. Set in Winnersh.


Drawing from now? Probably set on a commuter train, in the toilets. Following the plot line of built up tension after seeing each other everyday but never knowing who the other person was.


It would all be written in Emoji’s. A sexually explicit picture book for adults. Not sure about plot but I’d get the smiley face poo in there for sure.


A love affair with Eytan with lots of making love in front of a roaring fire.


Eyes Wide Shut set at SCA. All mentors involved. Carnage.


18th century boat. Secret affairs.


In the spirit of MOSH we invent a new sex position, that requires 40+ people and about 10oz of cocaine – the MOSH Caterpillar or the MOSH Conga Line… Not quite sure
Night bus city limit

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