An Outsider’s Opinion of SCA 2.0 – By @MunrajSC

An Outsider’s Opinion of SCA 2.0

Ah, would you look at that? I’ve got to write another obligatory SCAB, right before the D&AD deadline no less. Thankfully, I’ve saved up a genius idea for a blog post just in case this very situation was to arise. It’s all well and good having 30 to 40 students tell you their opinions of the school and the advertising industry, but what about those who aren’t lucky enough to be part of the SCA cinematic universe? 

I called upon my friends and family to write a few words about what they feel, think and understand about what it is I do for 70 hours a week (and bump up my word count quickly in the process.) So without further ado: 

Girlfriend: “Attention! Attention! No, I don’t want yours. I want Munraj‘s attention. If you see him at school, tell him I miss him. He’ll probably listen to you more. 

I always say to Munraj to write about me in his scabs and now I’m writing a scab about him. What a narcissist. And a lazy one at that. 

Works too much. Sleeps too little. Not sure how he creates with his one tired eye shut. 

His monochrome bland look for school is a lie. He is a walking rainbow. Pre SCA. Home-school SCA and very likely post SCA. 

School work is apparently great pillow talk. Try it out and see how your partner reacts. 10/10 would recommend. Really. *disclaimer: use pillow as protection from smacks… just in case *

Where is my boyfriend and what have you done with him?! I’m looking at you Daddy Marc *evil stare* (you’re only in my good books due to your cute doggo.) 

I want him handed over by August 10th. Or he’s getting kidnapped.

(Well then. Okay. I have no words for this. I hope it was therapeutic for you. Also I have never referred to Marc as Daddy. hwow.)

Mum: “You leave really early.” 

(This is true; I live almost 2 hours away from Brixton. My 4 hour commute in a day pre-quarantine doesn’t come under the 70 hour week though, god forbid I counted those hours.) 

Dad: “The fact that you work so hard is also conveniently a great excuse to not do house work.” 

(Classic Dad. Ignoring his cynicism, he was the only member of my family to recall that the school recently moved to POP, so credit to him for that.)

Brother: “You value your work a lot and take pride in it. You’re a bit of a perfectionist. To be honest, we hardly see you much because you work so much. It’s nice that you engage us and show us your work when you’re proud of it though. SCA seems great if you can get in for free.” 

(It was great getting in for free, he’s not wrong.)

Sister: “You don’t think about anything other than work. You have become more aware of your identity since being at SCA.” 

(Hard not to when you don’t look like anybody else around you. I do think about other stuff though. 

Like sleep. 

God I miss sleep.)

Anyway, that was my SCAB written by other people. I hope you enjoyed this quick look at what the people in my life think about SCA. 

Now back to D&AD. 

Song of the SCAB: Drake – Demons

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