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By Dune Irons 

Making the right choices…it is I think is one of the greatest challenges of life and it is an inevitable part of the deal. Living is making constant choices.

I don’t know if you worry as much as I am about that, but I must confess that I have a really difficult relationship with choice making.

For a period of time, the mere idea of failing in every domain was so intolerable that I preferred to refrain myself from making any sort of choices that in a way would define my potential path in life.

I was scared that one day the creeping sentiment of regret would catch up with me.

What I didn’t know was that anyway, by doing what I was doing I was still feeding it.

I think your relation with that all that process of making choices depends a lot on your personal history and the confidence that you have in yourself. It is a defensive reaction, not putting yourself in danger, trying to keep everything under control, distancing yourself from everything that could potentially disturb the kind of equilibrium you’ve managed to reach.

But one thing I learned is that if you don’t make choices, and expect life to give you what you want, nothing will come your way. If you cower from life, you’ll just not be a part of the equation anymore, and life will continue its path, and you’ll be moved passively, following its currents.

If you remember our session of street wisdom with David Pearl, you’ll remember that he said something quite interesting: « if you don’t connect with what surrounding you, how do you expect it to connect with you in return ? » again it is nothing but a question of choices, what attitude will you adopt towards life?

I still don’t find the process of making choices easy, but I’m getting better.

For example, I chose not to stay at SCA, not because I didn’t want to, but because I wanted my little brother to have the same chances as me considering his studies.

And I am at peace with that, I’ve studied five years, I’ve learned so many things and I’ll keep learning, because life’s the best teacher if you dare open yourself to it.

Looking back at what I’m writing I am like: one more choice to make, should I send it? don’t I sound like a cult guru? I hope not, for this SCAB was only motivated by the previous week I spent deliberating on what would be the next step for me. And I just wanted to say that, trust you’re gut, it is always best to regret having made a choice that after all might have lead you to fail, than the regret of having done nothing, because with doing nothing there’s always be questions…what if? was there a chance? and so on.

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