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Henry Foenander

By Henry Foenander



One of my favourite hobbies is finding anagrams for words. Now, before you mock me, give them a chance, you never know what will put a smile on your face. For example, my name: Henry Foenander, is an anagram of “Fanny Herder One”. You can see where this is going.

Here are some vital anagrams for words we will be hearing this year.

Advertising: “Virgin Dates”   In many ways we are all SCA virgins, and Tuesday is our first date, lets hope we get lucky.

Marc Lewis:  “Warm Slice”  Who doesn’t like a warm slice of Marc.

Agencies:  “Cease Gin”  I’m assuming its a rule not to be off your face on Gin at agencies. Tequila maybe. But never Gin.

Reflections:  “Force Listen”   I reckon it will be a nice breather to be forced to listen to the little voice inside your head.

Deadline:  “Ideal End”  For that moment of bliss when we have just completed a project or Brief.

School of Communication Arts:  “A Climactic Sunroof Moonshot”  Theres no explaining that. But its better than “A Iconoclastic Font Mushroom”.

Crap Idea  “Acid Pear”  Because when we get told this it will be like eating one.

Fantastic Idea  “A Satan Deficit”  Wahoo! Say goodbye to the bad idea devil! Not today Satan. Not Today.

Portfolio  “Fool it pro”  When we trick people into thinking our ideas are great, but the praise has to go to red bull and all nighters.

Copywriter  “Tip or we cry”  Do any agencies tip for good work? Well if not they better get ready for some waterworks.

Art Director  “Dirt Creator”  But it will be the most beautiful dirt you’ve ever seen.

See! Words can be fun!

p.s. I’ll buy a bacardi breezer for anyone can work this one out: “crummy sour yokes”

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