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Angus Crombie

By Angus Crombie


Living in London my whole life I consider myself a connoisseur of its finest places to eat (on a budget), so for my latest scab as I know everyones broke after Christmas I thought I’d share this wisdom.

Rossella in Kentish town is a family run restaurant with some best Italian food i’ve had its also got some of the best prices about, you can get a margarita for £5.50, most pasta dishes for around the same and at lunch time any pizza or pasta plus a drink for a fiver!
Tomo on Hornsey high road is another family run restaurant where you’ll get the best pizza in London for under a tenner.
Pappagone on Stroud Green road is also top notch for pizza and good value for money plus its always full of Italians which means they must be doing something right.
Tonda is on the Portobello road (yeah I know the first restaurant thats not in North) where you’ll also get some great vintage if you get down there early on a Friday or Saturday morning, here you get lovely modern Italian cooking at a good price.

Pretty much anywhere on Green Lanes but theres a few special places, the only problem being that there bloody hard to get a table in.
Gokyuzu is regarded as one of the best restaurants in London and you can leave there feeling like your about to give birth for under £15, they grill meat properly.
Hala on green lanes too is also great, and if your after snack you can get lahmucan for £1.50 which is quiet dangerous because I ate four the other day.
Best Kebab in Crouch End is somewhere I have to put in as I eat there more than my own house, it looks like your average kebab shop but if you ask to eat in you’ll get the full works, get the chicken wings or lamb chops defiantly the best I’ve ever had.
Crystal on the Holloway road is ridiculous value for money you’ll get the best stew you’ve ever had, rice, salad and a whole flat bread for £5.50!

As far as I’m concerned if your having a curry its need to be at a bring your own,
Lahore on the Commercial road is my favourite curry house in London what makes it different from your average indian is they cook all the meat on a charcoal bbq and then add it to the sauce which gives the meat a slightly chard flavour thats second to none,
its also very reasonable you’ll be well fed for £12.
Monsoon on the back road of Kentish town this place is hidden away, again fantastic value for money and big flavours.

To help you through the January blue I thought I show you how to get up to some retail therapy in London on a budget.
As a few of you know I bought and sold vintage for around 5 years, selling to people in my secondary school playground to TV stars (Steve’s from ‘People just do nothing’) making a few bob along the way, since starting at SCA I have gradually stopped due to the work overload so I’m going to share my secret spots for bargains.
Markets: Portobello road is my favourite and although a great deal of it has been ruined there are still places where you can find a gem, stay clear of the notting hill side of the road and walk towards Golborne road under the tent ask for a guy named Ryan his stall is always loaded with high designer vintage at great prices, while your under the tent have a look around the other stalls as theres ofter great gear scattered around. As you leave the tent there is a side road with ‘Falafel King’ on the corner here most the stalls are un licensed and are the sorts of places you’ll find a guy trying flog you used batteries and a pair of odd socks but i’d still recommend having a look as Ive found good stuff up there on numerous occasions for peanuts.
Then carry on walking up towards the Golborne road checking out the stalls along the way, once you’ve got here treat yourself to a Portuguese custard and coffee or some of the best Moroccan street food around (you can get a whole sea bass, rice, salad, calamari and prawns for £7.50).
Car boot sales: These are bit like a run down TK Max you have to search through load of rubbish but usually find something good, my favourite is Battersea on a Sunday morning.
Charity shops: The Pimlico parade is probably the best area for charity shops as theres loads of them and there reasonably priced, plus Boutique is hands down the best charity shop in London always has amazing stock at great prices plus they don’t mind haggling. If your straying less central Golders green and west Hampstead are also full of really good cheap shops full of top quality gear.

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