Ashley Bibby’s Half Year Report







By Ashley Bibby


We are now at the half way point in the year, well probably, I haven’t actually spent the time to count the days but for the sake of this SCAB lets say it is.

But there is one thing that I am disappointed about. Even though it says the word school above the door we don’t receive actual school reports. This probably could have something to do with us apparently being ‘grown-ups’ but I am not too sure. Either way I will take matters into my own hands and make my own school report for myself. Reporting on the things I need to change in the next half of the year to make my mother proud when she receives my fictional end of year report.

Ashley Bibby’s Half Year School Report

by Ashley Bibby

I will start off Ashley’s report with a little bit of positivity. He has always been on time so far which is quite upsetting, as we have not been subjected to his wonderful dance moves yet. Every morning I pray for him to be late just so we can be treated to the greatness that would be on show.

Something to improve on would be that he should scamp more during briefs, he does scamp now but he just needs to pour it all out. Scamp till the scamping can’t scamp no more. Not only will this help him build on ideas a lot easier but also have a wide breadth of work to choose from when crunch time comes and executions need to be chosen.

He also needs to be more ballsy. He came into the school with his balls literally hanging out but I feel since then he hasn’t lived up to that standard. I feel as if he has become tamer as time has gone on. So I would like him to push the boundaries and show some different thinking.

With that I think he should work smarter, although he is working hard I feel like he could use that time in a more productive way. Maybe he should schedule his time better, or possibly he should pick up more briefs to really force him to churn out his work fast and efficiently.

He is doing okay so far, but now is the time for him to really step up and show his balls and his worth.

Half year rating: 4/10

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