Au revoir from Camille – By @caminobbe

By Camille Noble

Au revoir from Camille

This is my tenth SCAB and my last one on the SCAB rota. Time to look back and see what has changed.

We are coming up to the end of the term and before writing this one, I thought about all the SCABs I sent to Marc, I wrote several during the summer holidays about the many objectives that I had for this year. And thought also about all the ones I wrote during this first term.

My second or third SCAB in this last category was about how I felt during the many presentations we had to do. We can all see that for all the students the last presentation is always better than the previous one. Concerning myself, I don’t know if you do but I notice now that my presentations have changed and are not the same as at the beginning.

In fact, the old SCAB I wrote doesn’t really make sense anymore. I have no more panic today. No more sensation of puff heat. No faster heart beats. Now every time I come on the stage I try to speak louder and louder. The little stress I still have (that I believe is normal) doesn’t really come the idea of doing a presentation or the fact that I have to speak in front of big assembly. A slight stress because I wonder if my ideas will be appreciated or not. Not a problem anymore to present a project on my own.

Since the last weeks, I can notice a real change about preparing a new presentation. I really enjoy working on what I will say. English is not my native language and I really appreciate that the English students are always ready to help. The presence of the mentors is really great for that, always ready to help, give advice, share their experience, help us progress and improve. The presence of the mentors is really a strength of SCA.

I feel that coming to SCA allowed me to complete some of the goals that I wrote down in the first SCABs. I still have to work hard. I’m excited to continue my progress with other people, maybe a different place or context. So I would like to say thank you to the School of Communication Art and all the people in here, all the staff, the mentors and of course the students.


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