How to be a free spirit even though you had a panic attack three hours ago.

It’s New Blood season. I have a week until the deadline. My existential panic has set in, and the buckets of self-doubt I’d buried deep until now have resurfaced. 

In times like this, I usually do what every normal person does (I think). I laugh at myself, and make self-deprecating jokes about the rapidly declining state of my sanity. 

But this evening, having this SCAB to write has given me a good excuse to take a step away from the D&AD brief that has consumed my every waking hour. It’s given me the chance to use the making of this SCAB as a little self-care exercise. 

I’ve put on some calming music (currently Cornwall, my home by The Oggymen is playing and it’s making my heart ache for home), and am trawling through my favourite folder on my phone, my inspo folder (funny I called it that because I never seem to have a spare moment to actually look at it and be inspired). 

This folder is my digital treasure chest. Full of wonderful little photos and snippets of artwork I’ve collected that spark a little joy inside of me. I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you. Hopefully they make you ponder or smile, just as they did for me. 


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