Fruity thoughts – By @CameronTurnerL1

Fruity thoughts

This scab is going to be a stream of consciousness on trying to understand twitter, Kanye west and the social dilemma. 

Reading other people’s scabs is making slightly nervous about my grammar and writing style. 

Which leads me to my next thought which is how many copywriters don’t know how to spell? I’m hoping there’s a niche market for illiterate copy writers out there somewhere.

Anyway, my main idea\point today is about tweeting,

 I think the twitter platform just skipped me. I tried it when I was 12 and tweeted `hey it’s ya boy Cam here, I’m super stoked for summer`. The Canadian in me came out for a brief minute and the use of the word `stoked` allowed me be roasted by the northern side for 5 consecutive months and I never touched the platform again until now.

So, twitter definitely skipped me – In fact, I am sure it did because I don’t understand the social norms on twitter. I’m thinking its kind of like a platform where you have an opinion in your head and then you take a minute to calculate whether you believe this opinion is worth showing the rest of the world. 

If it is, you take your phone out and write the version you want to say.

You then delete that version, then re-write a version that is less combative for a better written, socially appropriate version of your original opinion. 

Then you give your opinion to the rest of the world and smile or scowl as people agree or disagree with that watered-down version. 

Unless your Kanye or Trump and if I can say one admirable thing about Trump at least he is saying exactly what he`s thinking. The same goes for Kanye it is far more real watching someone write their unfiltered thought process on the internet without fear of judgement. It is an admirable quality.

 I think Kanye’s is probably good for society, to balance things out.  Kanye says a lot of stupid stuff, but he also says some stuff that makes me stop and think. Here are some great streams of consciousness from Kanye:

1.’I could never do stand-up because I think of better jokes when I’m sitting”


Then Kanye will hit you with something that makes you think he’s changing.

2. ‘there are so many broken systems from the economy, to school systems jail systems…. We need experts for this’

Directly followed by

3.’Just driving through the city and realised I hate big assed striped scarves’

4, ‘Sometimes I push the door close button on people running towards the elevator. I just need my own elevator sanctuary.’

Sometimes I imagine the social media algorithm assigned to Kanye`s phone just struggling to decipher his next move.

Speaking of which I just finished the social dilemma which made me question the schools use of twitter. One of the things I wanted to do in preparation for SCA was detox myself from social media, and the very act of trying to do this goes against the school’s active use of Twitter. The documentary also made me think twice about the advertising industry and social media platforms. In specific the darker side of targeted advertising and the use of people or users as a commodity to be shared. Just food for thought but It’s made me think of how I could change it from the inside for the better.

 I think I am getting way ahead of myself here though, so we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

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