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Alex Overland

By Alex Overland




We’re not making parachutes or saving lives*. It’s just ads. I forget sometimes.

We did some headlines last week, and reviewed them today. Looking back, ours weren’t the best. I planned to do hundreds, thousands, millions, but only did about 50 — many of which were just re­hashed versions of previous lines. But, there were a few that weren’t as shit as the rest. I wonder if I’d done a hundred, or a couple hundred, if the not­so.bad ones would’ve kept popping up? Would there always be a few interesting thoughts in every x­many lines? Kind of like Super Mario (any, preferably 64): 100 coins give you a decent idea.

I know the quantity, filter, rinse, repeat­thing isn’t news. It’s actually really basic, but I haven’t taken the time to use it recently, mainly because I’ve felt there are better things I could be doing to crack a brief. Sometimes a brief seems impossible to unlock though, no matter how much coffee, creative techniques or dots you throw at it.

Then it’s nice to know that with something as basic as headlines, you can at least do s​omething that will, pretty regularly, result in a half­interesting thought.

*Unless you’re Volvo

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