The good school SCAB – By @paboukratevans

The good school SCAB

“Scab alert”. This is not an exercise. 

By reading this SCAB you’re exposing yourself to some severe retaliation.

How to steal a paper-clip from SCA.

As being a Sca-er stuck in lockdown, I have come to appreciate how people dealt with all the physical stuff you can get from SCA. 

Obviously, I pride myself of being the master of it all. I am literally sitting on a couch from the school and drinking from a glass from the school as I’m writing this article.  

Here are my top 10 artefacts you should consider taking from SCA, Robin Hood style. 


Take it home you’ll need it, you have a whole box of it at the start, use it. 

2.A1 poster. 

 You can win it. I advise you to just take it, print something that will start a revolution, because you can. 


This is more a between student type of robbery. There is a whole philosophy about preserving your sharpie. I would recommend personalizing the first one you get. However, afterwards the “I need it more than you” rule applies, so be cautious about that. 


If he’s left alone sure you can take it. I won’t extend on food but at Pop, there are some food tricks to experience. Poke + Belgian chocolate is a thing. 

5. Office furniture. 

This one is quite subtle because the office is actually using those. You need to form some kind of misunderstanding so nobody knows it’s really your fault that it’s not getting back to the office. 

6. Diner set. 

This one is more about hiding your favourites bowl so you can eat in it. Don’t be greedy but placing something unusual on top of it will provide special access to some utensil. 

7.Client product.

Take and ask for more especially if it’s booze. 


This one is rare but there will be some goodies like pins, pens, stickers and other amazing useless things. They prove that you’re a cool dudette or dude. 

9.Bigger stuff. 

“If it’s transportable, you can have it”

  Pierre to himself during SCA’s half-term.

Size the opportunity (it might not fit in your flat). I got a couch from SCA because the school was moving out of the church. Don’t ask for stuff. If it can work with the school and help you at the same time, you should go for it. 


Stop stealing books. 

For the pirates out there. I won’t go through all the technics to get some free books. From getting Marc to buy you one. To telling him: “I am taking this for the break, be sure it will be on your library shelf the 1st Monday of the start of the term” while smiling. You need to steal books as the pro-rata of books coming in and books coming out. Basically be conscious that after reading it, you won’t really need it and that it can serve somebody else.



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