The end of a beginning. By @McfadzeanSusan

By Susan Mcfadzean


The end of a beginning.


I’ve mentioned before that SCA is tough. And now I’m questioning how many times I’ve said it’s absolutely fucking great?
Well, it’s absolutely fucking great.
From a zero understanding of Advertising to a creative that can make Ads in under one year is mind blowing. How did Marc and our mentors get us to this point?
I look back to where I started when I had no idea what a proposition was and I blush. I think back to Christmas when I was trying to hash out three campaigns and figure out the hierarchy between strap, headline and visual and I wince. And now, partners with Helena (who’s also absolutely fucking great FYI) we have our own book. It has our personality and energy stuffed inside it. It’s made people laugh. And it’s going to grow up quickly too. New campaigns, twistier leaps and all the stuff that’s missing is coming. A book should never stop developing.
Portfolio day was last week and we got great, constructive feedback from everyone we met. Paths to make our work stronger were layed out and advice came from all angles. Twice it was called a happy book. I’ll happily take that compliment.
So as the year rounds off, I’m blessed to have a partner who makes me laugh, inspires me to graft and willingly takes the long way round every campaign. We might have been a little late to the game, but now we’ve arrived we are ready to hit gold.
It’s been a difficult year and as Marc pointed out I haven’t made it easy for myself, but I’m so proud to be able to call myself a creative. My thinking has changed. I can spot the layers, the changing direction of my thoughts and fully appreciate the power of single mindedness.
So I want to thank everyone who helped me arrive at this point. All my mentors, peers, Helena and everyone outside of school too.
I couldn’t be more excited to get started in this industry. And as Winston Churchill put it, it’s not the beginning of an end, it’s the end of a beginning.

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