Was the night before Christmas…

Was the night before Christmas and everyone was tucked in their beds – 
Apart from the SCA students who were busy filling their heads 
With SMPs and collecting dots, 
This lot just couldn’t stop,
The hunt for the new 
And try to improve the advertising world that was as old as Santa’s shoes.

Throughout the term the students had learnt, 
The importance of salience could not be perturbed. 
Classes floated around their minds,
Of strategy, grids and things undefined. 
Of ingenuity, originality and a certain pizzazz 
That comes with creating golden level ads. 

Uri would say ‘I don’t think you’ve quite understood’, 
As Marc would chip in with ‘ahh but you could!’
Ian would huff and puff until he turned blue, 
About the dangers of Helvetica he thought we knew.
Rob sat as he showed us the tricks of sound 
That the students can now hear all around.
Caroline the maestro sighed as she looked
Forlorn at our strap lines that were just no good. 
Alan pops in offering support 
On visuals as well as the power of thought.
Mr Cee comes in for a chuckle,
But with our jokes he sometimes struggles 
Mike offers wisdom, seeing the bigger picture, 
Then add Shannon, Marica, and Max to the mixture
And you have the beginnings of what has made this term
A place of learning and growth, students will confirm. 
We may fumble and even fall,
But we’re only going to grow tall. 

So thanks to the work this year, although it may be Christmas, 
The SCA students won’t turn to grinches.
As we fill our heads with dots and SMPs
Bring on next term and keep an eye on these bees. 


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