Do you have a desk? – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


Do you have a desk ?


It’s half term, the last half term the last ever final half term. One month left and counting… then we are outta here. Having a half term gives you a false sense of security, the words just remind you of sun and fun. But this half term I could tell was going to be a little bit different. I could sense a feeling of no fun and no sun… I wasn’t exactly right but I was close. Work is a priority over this week, plan the days out give yourself goals and don’t let them slip away. 

I had an intensive two day recoup, seeing the family members who thought I had forgotten about them. Saw some sights, some quite far away sights. Did a bit of laying down then appreciated the feeling of temporary freedom, knowing an impending sense of doom was lingering beneath. 

Feeling human again I returned to London and got ready to start the graft. Working in your own time is hard, hard to plan hard to keep track of and hard to use wisely. Me and Alfie have been getting on the google calendar routine. Sticking to that is hard enough in school let alone in the outside world with an infinite amount of distractions. Mums talking babies crying, laptops dying…

I feel like I need a space to do stuff, and preferably the same space. Otherwise I just feel a bit temporary. It takes a while to get into the zone, it takes a while to get used to the environment, it takes a while to get things moving. I felt like this week could easily just pass by, so I took some precautionary measures to try and make sure this didn’t happen. 

I was thinking about these things before half term. When Berri came in, after his talk I asked him if he had a spare desk next week. He said yes. That was the environment problem sorted, working in coffee shops spending £12 a day on coffee, watching people come and go was my biggest fear for the week ahead. 

Getting up early was the next problem. Luckily working on a spare desk in an agency comes with a self set timetable. A timetable that shows you are professional. You can’t just ask for a desk and rock in at 11 when they are half way through their day. Thats problem two sorted.

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