You won’t find the truth walking down conventional roads

David Pearl is not just inspiring, he allows you to ask yourself the right questions.

Some of our problems seem insurmountable or very important, but if we place ourselves in completely different points of view and try to look and face them as a person that we value, admire or detest would do  it can gives us the great opportunity to try to understand the nature of the real problem and try to solve it. this can only be achieved by imagining ourselves walking in their shoes, understanding what ice cream and at what time of the day they would eat, whether it is under the rain or in front of a fireplace.

During our experience in Street Wisdom, we were guided through an internal and personal process.

I think the questions we have do not live inside us until we allow them to step in, but I’ve never experienced so obviously before that we have to try and allow the answers to come in as well.

The moment in which we find the truth is often far from the time when we ask ourselves a question, you can sweat for hours looking for an answer by analysing the problem, sometimes we crash, sometimes we gives ourselves an answer that we know to be not good or true enough for us, but we are content.

We are afraid to dive in ourselves.

Once I read a book titled: Be My Knife by David Grossman.

The protagonist affirm that only through the letters he sent to his ‘platonic lover’ could he figure out who he was, and that she was like a ‘knife’ to him, he needed her to understand himself, to look inside. I think there is nothing more true, I never figured out how to understand myself though other things or studying myself through other people.

Now I feel that I have done a step towards that objective.

‘I was in the market and I was walking around the left side of it. I stopped and looked at a butcher, his meat looked terrible, not appealing at all. I walked past that butcher for at least three times, trying to discover things that I could appreciate, and i started in certain ways to like it.

I was then walking out of the market, going through the avenue on the right and I saw another butcher, his meat was looking great, powerful colours and beautiful cuts were displayed.

it was the exact opposite of the butcher i saw before. If i’d stopped at the first one i saw and bought his meat i may have been satisfied, but definitely not as happy as discovering something better by simply walking away and going in the opposite direction.’

It taught me that sometimes we are so focussed on finding the beauty in our work that we forget to walk away and go the opposite direction, to explore more, to find the solution where you don’t expect it.



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