Seraphim Extract:

It’s that time again, another extract I hope you enjoy. Trying to expand some of the threads I have laid out. Till the next one

The Void and I Part 2

Daedra could feel himself moving and turning frantically, but in whichever direction he turned himself, his gaze was met with blackness. He opened and closed his eyes rapidly. He used his hands to wipe anything from his eyes, but nothing was impeding his gaze. Cautiously and with hesitance, he extended his arms in front of him, hoping that he was inside a box of some sort. Just like his eyes, his hands did not feel anything impeding him. With his anxiety growing, he flared his remaining wings out vehemently, but again, they also felt no barrier or border. “Maybe the border is much farther out,” he thought to himself.   

He took off one of his rings and threw it with as much force as he could into the expanse. He focused intently to hear the ring bouncing off anything, but no such sound came back. Daedra could still sense the ring travelling through the emptiness. “How the fuck has it not hit anything yet?”, he worriedly thought. “Wait, I haven’t even stood on the ground that has to be the”, he thought with a glint of hope. 

He began to lower himself slowly at first, but the ground did not come. “Fuck it”, he thought, and in desperation, he retracted his wings and allowed his body to free fall, “this might hurt, but at least it’ll be something I can feel”. It felt as if he had been falling forever, but the ground did not come. There was nothing.

In frustration, he screamed as loud as he could, “Fuck!!”. Even the sound of his voice travelled forever into the void, and no echo came back to meet him. “There is no way they fucking sent me into the void. This can’t be real”, he thought to himself. Daedra stopped himself from free-falling and cocooned himself with the remainder of his wings: “I will find a way out of here, one way or another, I will”, he affirmed to himself. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

What seemed like eternities passed by. Daedra’s mind began to fracture and morph at a moment’s notice. His anxieties would be eclipsed by the raging bull that would consume every part of his being. Sorrow, like storm clouds, would dampen the rage and wash it into a stagnated pool of despair. 

“Hello Daedra”, a voice came from behind him. Daedra, having always had his eyes closed as it was lesser darkness than the emptiness of the void, turned around and opened to see three figures standing, transfixed on him.


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