Stay humble. By @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett


Stay humble.

Sitting here on the terrace overlooking the rooftops of South London, I can’t help but feel spoilt.

The school has far exceeded expectation.

Awards shows, top top top industry mentors and tutors, mind expanding masterclasses, a room full of driven, like-minded people from different corners of the world. A reality TV show…!!

“Do you feel like you shouldn’t be here yet?”

At SCA, it’s easy to get used to big names coming in and sharing their experiences.

It’s easy to expect big brand briefs to be fed to us.

We are almost brainwashed into believing we are above the rest. That we deserve an award just for being at the school.

I guess that’s a part of the method of producing great creatives. What with ‘mind over matter’ and all that.

If you believe it, then naturally you will do what it takes for it to come into fruition.

That’s great. If you stay mindful that the job isn’t done yet.

“It takes a special kind of motherf***er to live like this” – Dr Dre, Compton 2015

Success doesn’t come without graft.

It also doesn’t come to those who gloat and are arrogant.

If there’s a piece of advice that I would make my number one golden nugget to take forward with me in this adventure it would be…

A line that has been repeated by so many people I highly respect. My old college tutor Richard Mitchell, Dave Monk ECD at Grey, Marc Lewis, and a host of visiting mentors have said it.

Stay humble.

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