Awake and Ready To Make Waves

Being on zoom for 9.25am each weekday means that my night owl tendencies have dramatically subsided the past two months.

My mentor, Pete Cain, says that sleeping early is crucial for success, and those hours spent asleep before midnight are twice as valuable for the body than those after. 

I like Mike Nicholson’s approach of dividing the day into eight hours of sleep, eight of work, and eight of play. Even with getting to bed around midnight, my waking hours are dominated by work. 

Marc encourages us to find our child-like state in our problem-solving process. This is to allow free thought and ideas to flow. But the type of play Mike refers to is completely separate – like being encouraged by your wife to join a local book club that is dominated by the opposite sex. (I wonder how she spends her playtime).

I had the opportunity to bring one of my hobbies into a brief this week. Cryptocurrency-inspired SCA Christmas card! I really enjoyed working with Toni on this.

School of Communication Arts has 47 individual talents in our current cohort that I’m proud to share a virtual space with. Our agency name is BOAT, inspired by the shipping containers that form the schools’ physical space in Pop Brixton. If you’re reading this, you’ve got a treasure on your radar. And if you happen to know anyone who’s late to the party, it’s not a problem because it’s going to be impossible to sleep on the priceless gems that will be flowing from SCA to Adland and beyond in 2022. 


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