Bad partnerships are like bad holidays – By @isabellelj1

By Isabelle Johnson


Bad partnerships are like bad holidays


Bad partnerships are like bad holidays.

Or worse, they are what could be a good holiday in the right place, with the wrong people.


Holidays can take many different turns and shapes. 


A bad one can be going on holiday with an ex who forced you on a trip around the Irish coasts in the rain. You pretend to enjoy it but in reality, you’re counting down the hours. Or like the holiday you went on to Ayia Napa with your girl group from school that was a coming of age trip of  a lifetime where you secretly didn’t much like each other.


But, even these bad holidays always start with hope and excitement.


You start by talking about what you dreams for your trip to look like. 


Can we start the day at 8am? 

Can we go see Wieden’s regularly?

Can we crack out a new campaign a day?

Can we think about what we’re passionate about to put in our book?

Can we research things in our own time and bring them back to show to each other to get excited about making better together?


But, once you land, it might be a different story. And only in time you realise what was truth and what was talk. 


You might have different tastes.

You might like different things.

You may have different habits.

You may have different schedules.


It’s the small things that then will make up the bigger picture and it is only in close confinement that these things will start to show.


If you put on an outfit that’s borderline risqué will they be honest with you or will they tell you you look fine and allow you to embarrass yourself?


If you have to share a double bed will you take it in your stride, or will their every sleeping noise or fidget make you irate?


A good holiday is about trust in the other person. It’s the give and take and the allowances you make for yourself and the other person.


Would you get up at 4am for the both of you to put the towels out and beat the Germans?

Do you mind staying up late going dancing? Could you bring a boy home without the other getting jealous? 


Would they hold your hair if you were sick? Would you do that for them? And would you feel angry about it or would you laugh about your antics the next day?


You are happy to make the effort or make these exceptions when you know your friend would do the same for you.


The ad world will throw a lot in your way.

But when things go awry will it force the gulf further?


You don’t want a partnership to be like the trip where you came back and saying “I would’ve been better off staying in my back garden.”


And at end of the bad partnership will you have to air things out for a while until you can speak again?


That’s not to say you need to be able to see yourself going on holiday with your work partner.


But next time you pick one, ask yourself if you’re excited about the location or the person you’re going with.


And don’t forget, the best holidays can be unexpected.

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