Mary Kerr – By @dj_sbex

By Sophie Becker



Mary Kerr

I am the luckiest lady at SCA this fine Christmas party day as I have the one and only Mary Kerr for my Secret Santa.  When asking for some advice around the class for what I should give Mary, everyone would instantly begin talking about how much they love her.  It occurred to me that I should write a SCAB accumulating the kind words of Mary’s fellow classmates, considering she is such an incredible human.  So here they are (anonymously):



“Mary has a superhuman warmth that just makes you feel so good about yourself and about her! I love her”


“I absolutely loved working with her. She’s full of ideas and if something goes wrong she’s got another idea instantly up her sleeve. She’s really passionate and all for the greater good.”


“A lot of hugs on the sofa during town hall”


“She’s awesome because she has a unique perspective and experience of life that nobody comes near to.”


“She worked as an Elf for a whole Christmas. That’s pretty cool”


“She has the warmest most endearing personality and such an interesting way of looking at the world”


“She’s a great person to give hugs to”


“She has such a big heart, she cares about the others, she has the spirit of a 17 year old and it’s probably why she will become a successful creative.”


“Mary is funny as hell and also the sweetest person ever”


“We had great times in the Iceland meat aisle”


“She’s loving (even if she is needy for hugs)” [this is apparently an in-joke and not mean]


“She is funny, quirky, spunky and sees things differently.”


“She is passionate about her ideas and doesn’t go with something unless she really believes in it.”




“She’s resilient. Gone through a lot and is still the fearless, hilarious, bloody amazing woman she is.”


“She’s really observant and very empathetic. So will be a very good creative. Also has a lovely sense of humour and down to earth attitude.”


“She always catches my eye when I’m staring off into the distance. We both and then laugh”


“She’s just a big positive ray of sunshine and I love her to pieces.”


“School wouldn’t be the same without her.”


“Also she’s made a fucking sick documentary. And met George Clooney. Who else has done that!?”


“She’s one of these people who says she will do something and then DOES IT. That’s why she  has George Clooney in her phonebook and that’s how she convinced Ben Folds to go to lunch with her to discuss writing a musical together. She’ll be successful just because she refuses to be beaten!”


“She is so sweet, thoughtful, and is always looking out for everyone. She’s busy, but always makes time for others.”


“I think she’s very transparent. Whatever she feels she expresses it (even if she doesn’t want to) and I think that’s very powerful.”


“She is a baby bel”


“Mary is amazing because she is so genuinely kind and because she has such great stories and because she is like a lightbulb”


“She will be a great creative because she’s so wacky and out there and her mind jumps to the craziest things that are so genuinely unique”


“Mary is the happiest person on the course. She always has a smile and a kind word for you, and makes you feel like she actually cares.”


“I think there isn’t a single person in the course who wouldn’t love working with her, as she also has the talent to make her an awesome partner. Who wouldn’t want to hire her!?”


“I love her crazy brain and she is my tooth fairy”


“During the first few weeks of term she bought me a tiny bottle of nutella! Still the nicest thing I’ve gotten at SCA”


“Mary is beautiful, if she were made of ice she’d be a cuticle”


“I had a dream about her. We held hands under a blanket during town hall. It was like the most British, married couple sex dream ever.”

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