This course is a joke. – By @WeR4everPpl

By Sean Grace


This course is a joke.


This course is a joke? 


Are you trying to be funny?


I am. 


If someone told me I’d be doing stand up I’d have laughed at them. If you‘ll excuse the pun. 


You think that’s funny? 


Me too.


But that’s where I’ll be week six of our stand-up comedy course.




Is somebody having a laugh?


Well, yes that’s the plan but why, you ask, are we doing stand up? 


Don’t we have enough work to do?


Ha ha ha ha ha ha. 


Don’t make me laugh.


Did someone take Marc at his word that our weekends are free and want to fill them writing comedy? 


Hee hee hee ha ha. 


We’ve got a funny one here.










Stand up is like creating ads. 


No joke. 


I kid you not.


Let me explain…





Comedy is content.


At the beginning, you’re no good at it.


It’s just not funny. 


I mean literally not funny.


But it’s fine and mostly to be expected. 


Just get it out and down on paper. It’s just a start.


There’s this misconception that people are naturally funny.


And they’re just not.


Ok. You can make your friends laugh. We know your type. But a room full of strangers? 


Still laughing now?


No one is that funny, not to begin with. 


Stand-up takes more than just being the funny gal.


It takes hard work.


In fact, more hard work than talent. 




The first step is not talking but listening. 


Funny isn’t it? 


We play find the object. 


We don’t shout “warmer”, “colder.” We just clap and boo.


Harsh, I know. 


I don’t think it’s very funny either, neither does Wlliam do Bono. 


A room full of black hats he’d call it.


But the lessons are clear. 


Listen to your audience – they’ll want you to succeed. 


Aftr all, it’s no fun laughing at your own jokes. 


Even though sometimes it is.


Getting boo-ed is as helpful as getting clapped.


Though it didn’t feel funny at the time.




Now, I know your natural inclination here is to run, but don’t.


You have to go back and keep going back. 


Like Graham Fink. Do the work after the Dave Dye crit and go back for more.


A room full of Dave Dyes. 


Good comedians do the work and keep going back. 


It’s no laughing matter.


I had a friend. We used to trundle to Hammersmith, pay £5 to his try out night. 


His jokes missed the mark. You laughed near him – not with him. 


Now he’s made it, full hustle.


Who’s laughing now? 





Walk on any stage and you‘ll be judged before you even open your mouth. 


I mean we’re human, right? 


It’s gonna happen. 


And I wouldn’t laugh about a thing like that. 


But comedy teaches us to see ourselves as others see us.


Warts and all. 




And theirs.


A joke always breaks the ice. 


Useful in any meeting.


He who laughs last laughs longest. As they don’t say anymore.


We watch other stand ups to learn from the best. 


Little books in our pockets. Random comedy dots from the bus queue. 


Carrying two books is funny. 


But original content? 


This bit’s gonna make you laugh…




Use creative techniques!


Funnily enough.


Make comparisons. Do lots of drawing. From your own experience. 


Similes. Bring two unrelated things together in a new way. That’s comedy.


And mimic. Being funny isn’t just taking on a persona.


Why are you laughing?


Use the rule of three. In every three things in your book, one’ll be a bit funny. 


Make them laugh. Make them cry. Cry laughing. Just think of what emotion you want to achieve. 




Concise is nice. 


What do the audience need to know? 


Don‘t waffle. Just get there. 


Puns are … good?


Don’t be funny. 


Put the punch word at the end. 


The ‘a-ha‘! The payoff! The twist!


Find common ground then make it uncommon. 


Not that ‘Uncommon‘. 


Keep crafting.


Do I sound like I’m joking?




Then, one day, you’ll know your content inside out. 


All the punch words and where they are.


You‘ll be able to keep turning the pages,


when hecklers have ideas of their own.


They’re a funny lot.


Don’t take it to heart.


It’s your jokes out there – not you. 


It’d be funnier if you got no reaction. 


So be grateful. 


Be humble. 




It’s the only way to the funny side. 


When you hit the target and crack them up. Enjoy it.


It’s the sound of you having the last laugh. 


And the final rule…


The biggest thing of all…


And maybe the funniest… 


Just, be yourself. 


Funny, you never thought of that.


Funny, isn’t it? 


So funny…


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