Last train – By @bastien52530427

By Bastien Chazalette Zaco


Last train


It is true, writing a SCAB about all this current madness is not original at all. You can find a multitude of articles, blogs, posts or videos talking about the same thing, saying pretty much the same things. And I guess I won’t be different. I wanted to be; find another story to tell. But now that I’m sitting on the train, looking by the window the English landscape passing by my eyes for the last time, maybe in mouth, I must say, that it’s hard to find other words to print on this page. 


Seeing all those people, at the station, desperately waiting for a train to get them home, make it hard to simply think about something else. Because of the small reaction from the British government over the threat, you kind of think your safe in London. Maybe not safe, but not much as change so far. However, I must say that when I arrived in the terminal this morning and find my self surrounded by all those people carefully wearing a mask, calling their friends and family to give and receive some updates and seeing all the trains after mine canceled, I wasn’t feeling as comfortable as I was yesterday or even this morning in the tube. As I try to enjoy my last pint of Guinness, I know that every sip of the dark beverage just brings me closer to getting into this train. And I know that when I will seat at my place, looking back to the station, I will realize that things are fucked up… Getting home in such a hurry, probably by one of the last train and to find a France completely lockdown where every one of my moves must be justified, it’s definitely not the way I expected my next trip back home.


I’m not panicking, I’m just pragmatist on the fact that we live a strange time. And I think we need to be realists now. The year is nothing like I’d expected to be. A lot of habits will be shaken. And things will probably never be as they were before all that. But I also know that we will come out of this changed. For the best. We’ll adapt to a completely new difficulty. It’s how nature is made, it’s how everything is created. Adaptation becomes evolution. And evolution made us who we are today. For this evolution to be positive, to turn those dark times into something good, it’s our duty to transform our comportment toward other humans. And if our organism will maybe evolve to be more resistant to the virus, the most important evolution that must appear in the next months need to be human behaviour. The way we take care of ourselves, the way we help those in need through the crisis and the way we shape the light at the end the tunnel will define a new generation. Not based on age, regardless of differences, based on the share of the comune experience of overcoming an obstacle together, as a species.

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