We Are MOSH, by @cparkerbparker







By Charlie Parker


We are anarchists, terrorists, degenerates debauching and dam right despicable. Its stinks doesn’t it. Becoming fashionable simply by being fashionable and not giving it any kind of rationale.

Even though we pretend that we don’t copy friends or recycle old trends, maybe we are not so original.

But if you search under rocks in urban, sub-urban retirements, environments and look hard you will find us.

Nationwide, from concrete to the countryside, outdoors and inside we will pass you by.

We are there, look hard and you will find us.

We are warriors, we are worriers, are you worried? We are worried.

This is our terrain, the inner workings of our brain, are you worried?

Well you should be

We inflict our mark by making as much noise as possible. Doing as much damage as possible. There is little but no other choice.

There is no other choice

We know what we are, we know what we stand for and we didn’t come this far just to stand around some more.

We fight and we scrap to be counted. These are the fundamentals that shape what we are. These are the rules we live by.

So if you are sick and tired of what is being offered, don’t worry. Social media is still online and your television is working.

Now is the time to make history and not gawp in awe of what so called great people did for us.

We can to do something for ourselves, something that real people won’t understand and the industry has no time for.

Now is the time to follow your passion

remember we are mosh

making original shit happen

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