6 Hat Thinking, the Revolutionary Communist Group, and the vote – by @jcxh

Jacqueline Hedge

By Jacqueline Hedge


6 Hat Thinking, the Revolutionary Communist Group, and the vote

Election time. If you’re worth your salt you would have registered to vote. But, if you’re like me (i.e. 23 and feeling ignored), you wouldn’t be blamed for still being on the fence on who to vote for. It’s a tough decision when everyone seems to be reading off the same sheet but getting creative with the paraphrasing to sound different. 


But then, this evening, as I walked past Whitechapel station, I saw a man holding a small newspaper…




The assertive red and black text on the top of the page screamed conviction, opinion, consideration, something DIFFERENT. What could this be?!?!?!?!?!?


Being the open- minded liberal person that I am, and possibly on the search for more interesting dots, I decided to pick up a copy. 


It was only later on that I realised the wary glances that I’d received whilst out were because I was waving a communist manifesto around like it was the Evening Standard. 


Nonetheless, after a bollocking that the class had got about their lack of 6 hat thinking earlier in the day, I decided to exercise some creative decision making in my voting process and consider another option…


White hat (what’s the information): The Revolutionary Communist Group thinks that the major parties (also includes the SNP but no mention of UKIP or the Greens) “run the economy in the interests of British Imperialism and the City of London, and whatever government is formed, they will continue to ensure that the working class continue to pay for the crisis.” They say that the “ruling class” will select a government. There is no positive outcome for the working class – the election is a distraction from the real task of defeating the ruling class offensive. 


Red (intuition): I didn’t realise there was a “ruling class” in Britain, or that it was only this class that could vote. I smell a large barrel of fish. 


Yellow (positivity): the RCG are not UKIP. They promote inclusivity and equal opportunity for all. Surely this reflects British values? 


Black (caution/critical): The RCG seem to have no understanding of the other political parties. Labour is known for its popularity among union groups and minority immigrant communities. Surely this is also the working class that the RCG are talking about? They also seem to blow a lot of hot air about other people without saying much about themselves, apart from what they’re not. 


Green (yes and/creativity): The lower parts of society have been disenfranchised by the latest government; particularly the youth, hence the riots that spread across the country a few years ago. Giving a voice to the lowest parts of society could make them feel included again and galvanise them into trying to bring up the economy. 


Red: The RCG do say that everyone’s great – whether you’re white/black/asian/jewish/muslim/male/female/somewhere in between, this party will stand up for your rights. However, if you have managed to earn money and rise from the bottom then you’re immediately evil. This strikes me as the sentiment of wanting to move but refusing to walk. 


Blue (overview/ conclusion): Saying what you are not still doesn’t define who you are. The RCG don’t seem to have a grasp on the basic structure of British society, or the premise of democracy where everyone gets a say. They also seem to think that their readership are stupid and don’t know anything about politics. I don’t think this is the party for me. 


The Revolutionary Communist Group are not on the ballot papers in the polling station. This is probably just as well since their communications are terrible, so Lord knows what their leadership is like. 


The 5 that are could seem just as bemusing to you, but if you don’t vote for your least irritating one, you might as well be voting for these guys. 


Don’t be a numpty. You have no right to complain if you are. 

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