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It’s been 2 months now that we are studying at SCA. I see a real evolution in my work since the beginning

I have been studying at SCA for two months now. I am really proud to have this opportunity to follow an English training, both for the language and for the way of teaching and thinking. I find that each week is so different from the last, which allows us to learn more every day. I love this learning format because the outcome of our productions is based on autonomy and perseverance. I always want to outdo myself in the coming week. But the end of the term comes far too quickly. Indeed, the format punctuated by the briefs makes time pass at an inconsiderable speed.

However, we recently learned that we have the option of staying a little longer. SCA allows us to stay one or two more terms if we wish. This would allow us to refine our way of working, to be more efficient, to create a professional portfolio, and above all to be put in touch with major agencies in the field. Following SCA for the full year would allow us to integrate directly at the end of the year a well-known London agency in the advertising sector. This option is wonderful news at first glance, however, there are several factors to consider. The cost of living in London without cash inflows is not so easy to bear already in a single run. This is likely to be just as perilous for the other two terms. In addition, following Brexit, we need a visa to be able to stay more than six months in England and to be able to practice a profession in this same country.

The choice to be made becomes more and more complex. I wish I could work for a large London agency by the end of the year, but am I ready to live in London for the next few years to come? I’m only 22 years old, I want to discover the world, to work in different countries before actually settling somewhere. My second-semester internship could be an opportunity to move to another country in the world, but it would be like running away from the career that I could develop here in London in a renowned agency.

So I explained my situation to my friends, to my family. They shared their point of view with me, detailed the different options without ever giving me an opinion because it is up to me and me alone to make that decision.

I think my experience at SCA is exceptional, and I would love to continue this adventure to come out with all the prosperity promised. But I think my path must still cross that of many adventures. I hope to be able to improve my learning at SCA during an internship in London for the next few months. I will keep a wonderful memory of this training even if I cannot stay there. And I will be part of the SCA network forever. Thank you for these months of training, openness and perseverance.

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