Becky’s Beccomendations. By @bbrice01

By Becky Brice


Becky’s Beccomendations.

My taste has always been fairly mainstream. Music, films, food. This week however I’ve made a couple of comments to Sara and apparently she’s never heard of anything. I’ve been recommending things left right and centre so in case there’s anyone else who lives under a rock here are April’s Beccomendations. Drum roll please.


  • Terrible, thanks for asking. Great if you want to have a friendly voice

    show you how good you have it. Each week she focuses on someone who has gone through something hard. Instead of just saying ‘Fine thank you’ in response to the question ‘How are you?’, they tell the truth, that they’re feeling terrible, but thanks for asking.

  • Griefcast. Comedians talk about grief. Actually not as bleak as it sounds.
  • Heavyweight. Host Jonathan Goldstein revisits the moments when

    people’s lives wrong. Super interesting stories with relatable people.

  • Adam Buxton. I know this one is really well known, but the two episodes

    I particularly liked were Hassan Akhad and Louis Theroux.

  • Dirty John. Telling the story of a family rocked by a man called John.
  • My Favorite Murder (It’s American and they can’t spell favourite) Two

    badass women talk about murder and empower the shit out of people to fuck politeness in order to stay alive.


    I am a biscuit fiend. I have sampled them all, aside from the raisin filled monstrosities of course. This week I introduced three people to the double chocolate digestive. That’s right, chocolate biscuit, chocolate layer AND chocolate chips. If you haven’t tried them, I urge you to run out and get some. You won’t regret it.


    One word, Kesha. I know, she’s had some shockers, but trust me. Praying is the release she’d been waiting. I think she displays immense strength in this song that I wasn’t expecting, more fool me. It is an anthem for anyone who has been told they aren’t good enough. And I didn’t expect to get that from a Kesha song.

    I’m also a country fan. I went to see CAM for the second time last week. She’s great. Check her out.


    I don’t read as much as I should and would like, but here are some I’ve liked recently.

    • ‘A man called Ove’, Fredrik Backman. Heartwarming story about a man called Ove.
    • ‘The Last Girlfriend on Earth’, Simon Rich. A selection of short stories about love and relationships. Really lighthearted, thoughtful writing.

‘I am Pilgrim’, by Terry Hayes. Very long, but worth it in my opinion. I’m not sure how to distil it down to a sentence, but in essence it’s a crime thriller type story. (I’m never going to be a book critic…)


•  Argo – The story of the hostages taken in the US embassy in Iran. Really bloody tense.

•  Burlesque – Christina Aguilera and Cher sing songs.


Right, you’re ready to fly off and try some conventional culture. Be free my pretties.

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