I woke up to many more broken and cracked bricks lining the flower beds. @susanmcfadzean

By Susan McFadzean

So, my bedroom is ground floor and looks out onto the backyard that I worked on for my passion project. Although the project was never about comparing the before and after results, instead focusing on documenting the physical work and human gestures that went into the task, I have enjoyed following the backyards development ‘post video’.

In fact, my first observation is with slight guilt. I feel we have ‘thrown off’ the resident stray cats. Behaviourally, they appear to miss their jungle and look out of place lounging on my little pink plastic chair and prance around the BBQ giving it a wide berth. It takes time to settle in.

Second observation arrived one morning after receiving a small message of praise from my landlord. I woke up to many more broken and cracked bricks lining the flower beds. Horrified; I had spent hours trying to level off those concrete slabs, I felt compelled to either move them calmly but immediately into the trash cans or message him asking what on earth was going through his mind putting them there. Yet mulling over those ugly cumbersome bricks, I realised that his intentions were good and he only wanted to add to my efforts. Appreciate other’s contributions.

Sadly, one out of the three pink daisies I planted (they colour complement the little chair perfectly) is starting to struggle and wilt. It is a case of the same species in the same environment and it would seem it is survival of the fittest.

Surprisingly, the lettuce I planted is flourishing I ppt and png. Apparently sturdy enough to endure this change in weather, I have enough lettuce for at least four (large) salads. However, having witnessed the stray cats leap over it and more than once misjudge and land a paw in it, I don’t feel so inclined to put it on my plate. Forward-thinking works as damage control.

Sh*t, the weeds are coming back. You really have to get to the root of the problem to unearth the solution.

And surprise surprise, my solar panel fairy lights have stopped working. Don’t trust the provided information. Test everything yourself.

I’m sure I could dig up a few more of these metaphors. But I’ll spare you. And although I do feel a welcomed sense of information overload after the first nine days at SCA (I really missed learning the last year), I am crossing my fingers and toes that more than 90% of the core teachings are sticking in that brain of mine somewhere. In case of emergency, at least they are scribbled down in no particular order on all sorts of random clips of paper and notebooks not so conveniently but nonetheless ready for when I want to find them.

It’s Monday morning. I am more than happy to be leaving the waitressing behind with the weekend and starting a fresh week of progression inside the thick walls of SCA.

One more backyard reference: the hammer that was so vital in the process of my landscaping is now working as a bookend. Remember everything is of more use than what it’s intended purpose is. And in fact it compliments my lamp with no shade nicely. Apparently, I am unintentionally slaying the ‘industrial look’. So there you go.

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