To be or not to be @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst

Sir John Hegarty ended his talk with this quote yesterday at SCA. To put it in a bit of context I’m going to walk you through the highlights, and why this question is so relevant to me.

At first, he told us that we don’t have to listen to everything he says.
That shows in a very humorous way that nobody has an answer to everything and that you have to decide on your own what you believe in. Still, there are many things I can truly believe and also adapt to my future work, hopefully.

Because without believing in yourself and your ideas you can’t be really creative. Then creativity itself is the expression of ourselves.

We are telling stories all the time. Even right now I’m telling you my experience of the masterclass. The first goal of our communications is to get in peoples head, this illustrates how relevant storytelling is for our job. Because our brains are full of stories and we are trained to communicate with stories. We have the power to convey experiences to someone else. This feature is the reason why we are humans and not animals.

Now to something completely different. Juxtaposition. Not new, but again brilliantly illustrated in his talk. Such a little trick which you can nearly find everywhere. We just have to be aware of it, as all of what we do.

Also, I good lesson for me was that I shouldn’t shut my Ego away.
I know nobody wants an asshole in a meeting, but that wasn’t the point at all. It’s more about bringing your own opinion with you. Defend your ideas, fight for them and believe in yourself.

Now to the most important lesson I took from his talk.
The two main types of creativity. There is either pure creativity or adapted creativity.

I always drew and painted, but since the age of twelve, it became my passion. When other kids spend their summer holiday at the lido, I set with old people together in a room and draw pictures. My parents paid me a painting course with a genius guy, who sadly already died. That is a classic example of pure creativity. You make your own stuff, you fill blank pages.

The second category is about designing, illustrating, writing for a specific purpose. How should I design a chair so that people can sit on them or which typeface should I use, so people find their ways in the fastest way possible?

I definitely come from the adapted creativity category. I worked as a designer for 3 years. But it also reminded me that pure creativity is actually more fun for me. I really enjoyed the time, painting, building my own stuff or even latest making my own side projects.

These few words at the end “to be or not to be” highlighted for me, how relevant these two categories are for me.
I have to find out what I want to do very soon.

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