My worst scab ever

Well reader, it’s time. Can you feel the fear?

Cos D&AD is finally here.

Been doing ads for Gen Zs the last two weeks

Apparently we no longer say ‘on fleek’

Yeah everything’s changed since I was at school

Think that’s why Jodie says I’m uncool

Honestly? It’s probably a good call
But she’d have more impact if she was tall



Anyway I’ve got 500 words

Shazza out here making me feel like a nerd

Here’s some other thoughts pulled from my brain

And sorry to you, reader, I might sound insane

Isn’t it gross that we call it a scab?

Feel like there’s another term we could nab

Although if it comes from the Marc I know

It probs wouldn’t work for a family show

We need our blogs, we’re communication arts

But wouldn’t it be better to block out these parts?

Take it from me, honestly,

Left my sanity in the SMP

Has anyone done a scab with AI yet

That would’ve been a smarter bet

Shoulda done it myself but I’m half asleep
How many legs would it have, a campaign for sheep?

Anyway back to this compelling post

Is anyone following or are you all lost?


Saw a Scab that said we’d become miserable worms
But so far our idea is mostly firm

Wouldn’t be that if it wasn’t for Pete

Takes your ideas from okay to elite

Thanks Pete you’re tall and I like your hat

Need five more though, get started on that

Classic six hat joke there if you didn’t get it
Alright, I know, this joke’s so dead it’s fetid

Okay hang in there folks 200 words to go
Rhyme scheme’s somebody that I used to know

Obviously I could’ve been a famous rapper

But what I really wanna be is an all-time napper

Could’ve had it all but at the end of the day
Real fame is a Scab at the SCA


If you’d like to experience a breakdown in text
Keep going with this Scab, cos that’s what’s next.

This is my worst Scab ever, of all time

You’d think it’d slap since the concept was rhyme

Okay maybe just me, that ‘you’ was loose

Me, myself, and Dr Seuss

Don’t know about blogging it’s a cry for help
An internal monologue. What is kelp?

True human insight: attention span
Oh no, there’s worms inside this can.

Kelp’s like seaweed but it rhymes way better.

Did you catch that, reader? That was meta.

The proposition is just a big thought

Doesn’t have to be long, doesn’t have to be short

Kinda like a Scab only these are weirdly long
Don’t really get that, idea’s not very strong.

Who sets Scabs for New Blood, right in the midst?
If it’s you, Shazdawg, I’ll get you for this

Apparently New Blood affects you quite a bit
Like now I think in rhyme – but you wouldn’t notice it.


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