Be Interested, by @MrBenGolding


By Ben Golding


Be Interested.

The first week has been interesting. I choose those words carefully. I could have said enlightening, exciting, devastating, scary and brilliant. But I used interesting because SCA has left me on the back foot a little, I’m intrigued and inspired but wary of taking things for granted. Marc seems to be constantly scheming and twisting our expectations, I’m sure he is intending to leave us in mental shreds before he builds us out of stone. 

It was great visiting some agencies already, I have started to get an idea about the things that are important to me and the kind of questions to ask a potential future employer. 

Whats the culture like? 

What do other agencies think about them?

What makes them special?

Do they look forward to every Monday morning?

Improv was great, it really pulled people out of their comfort zone, and that’s one of the main things for me this year. Mindfulness gave us something to think about, it gave us thoughts to try and distill. I have been trying to stay in the moment as much as I can and pull back my wandering mind. I didn’t realise just how much I daydreamed until now, but thats all part of the growth. 

I don’t just want to grow, I want to overhaul. In 9 months time I want to be Ben 2.0, creative, made of stone, and still very very interested. 

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