Be lucky. By @james_reyn

By James Reynolds


Be lucky.

Marc will tell you this is not just an ‘Ad School’. It’s a creative school which teaches ways of thinking. And he’s convinced that some day one of his students will win a Nobel Peace Prize. I can see why he’d say that. There is every chance.
But come on. This is an Ad School. Every one entered this year wanting to be a straight up advertising creative, and as far as I can tell, everyone wanted to do it the traditional way – with a creative partner.
Here we are, with six weeks to go, and 27% of the class are currently single / separated / divorced / widowed / waiting for a miracle.
I’m part of that statistic and it’s sh*t.
But actually, it’s a surprisingly good ratio if you think about it.
Imagine being accepted into the world’s most awarded, exclusive nightclub with a strict capacity of 38 people.
You’re a guy (art director) looking for a wife (copywriter).
Only half of the room is female, so your potential suitors are instantly reduced.
You flirt with the other half just to see what it’s like. But it doesn’t quite tickle your fancy.
As the night progresses at a rapid rate people start hooking up. Some are drawn to each other immediately – they make solid progress planning the rest of their lives together. Others frantically link up as the lights come on at 6am.
No one takes your fancy. Or no one fancies you.
Either way, you’re part of the 27% crew waiting outside in the cold for a single Uber, knowing full well it’s best to go home alone rather than waste time having awkward sex.
Let’s face it. How can we all expect to find the one in a room of 38, actually… 19 suitors.
Anyway, to avoid sounding like one of those “women/men are all bastards” types, I have positively come to a conclusion on how to find your perfect creative partner at SCA.
Other than the obvious – be friendly and work hard – it’s simple:
Be lucky.

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