Be More Heron. – By @AlekLewin

Be More Heron. 

As a Camden Town native I’m no stranger to the dangers lurking by the canals. A rogue shopping  trolley, a passed out punk, an underpass strewn with cans of Stella. To most it seems disgusting,  but to me it brings the same sense of warm nostalgia others feel when going home for Christmas.  Each day before class starts I’ve been walking along the canal to Kings Cross before jumping on  the tube, avoiding the dangers and grounding myself for whatever today throws at me. 

On my journeys, I’ve found myself an ever present companion. No, not a one legged pigeon or a  goth deciding to go for a splash. My walks by the water are punctuated by the appearance of a  graceful Heron, stood stoically in the water, no doubt contemplating his busy day ahead, a shared  mindset then. 

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve become increasingly fascinated with this bird. This animal embodies  qualities I’ve wished for years I had more of a mastery of. The Heron stands and watches, waiting  for the opportune moment to strike, when it will have maximum effect. I hate to admit that if I was  a Heron I would probably starve to death as when it comes to fishing for ideas my natural state is  to thrash about and make lots of noise, scaring off the juiciest catches and only grabbing the dull  ideas that haven’t got the sense or energy to flee. This is something I’m going to change and the  Heron is going to help me do that.  

Admittedly, It’s slow going in my journey to find my zen like state. Already in SCA I find myself  retreating to my comfort zone of a loud persona who tries to dominate conversation rather than  read the room. I imagine if the Heron was to attend the school next year, they would sit on the  edge of conversations, listening, absorbing, intent on finding the truth. Once their beady eyes  fixed on the brightest idea floating around the room they would strike with precision and efficiency  Minimum energy wasted, maximum reward gained. 

This is something I’m looking to bring to my own creative process. The ability to bring patience to  a frantic world. After all, I’m pretty sure its the great beast of advertising which spewed out the  phenomenal line ‘good things come to those who wait’. The Heron seems to contain the very  essence of this saying, a mantra true to its very nature.  

That’s what we’re all striving for in the end isn’t it? To be recognised not only as a talented  creative, but one that is true to our very nature. Who breathes life and authenticity into everything  we do and in turn we are fulfilled by instilling a piece of ourselves into every piece of work  published, every story told. 

I love my morning walks absorbing knowledge from my Heron friend. I know our time together is  fleeting but I am incredibly appreciative to be watching the beauty of nature unfold before my  eyes. My silent teacher is a stark contrast to the intensity of SCA, but a contrast I am most  thankful for.

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