Picasso makes me feel inadequate as a creative – By @megan_egan

By Megan Egan


Picasso makes me feel inadequate as a creative


Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame and Tragedy. This is the incredible exhibition currently on display at the Tate Modern. It’s amazing. Annoyingly amazing. How can some one be so brilliantly creative, that they can churn out over 100 paintings and sculptures in just one year?


He worked at such a furious pace. I meanwhile, am sat here struggling to even come up with a 500 word SCAB.


So today, I am going to share with you all the contents of my bookshelf.


Counterprint – Trademarks and Symbols series – Human, Animal, Nature, Alphabet and Monogram logos.

Counterprint create some of my favourite design books. This series of 5 beautifully designed books contain a series of carefully curated logos in their simplest, mono form. A must-have on anyone’s bookshelf, surely.


One sketch a day

A visual diary… never started it.


Draplin Design Co – Pretty much everything

I remember the day I got this book – I pre-ordered it 3 months in advance. It felt like such a long wait. I’m a huge fan of Aaron Draplin. He started out creating sticker designs for snowboards, and managed to keep that simple, American design style throughout his career, creating some cracking logo designs for everything from hotdog trucks to the Obama Administration.


He’s a hoarder, collecting everything and anything he finds interesting. I love how this book reflects this, by cramming as much in as possible. He has such a large body of work, and each design is so carefully created to the tiniest of details.


I hear he’s speaking at the Birmingham Design Festival this year… I might have to go back up for that.


House Industries – The process is in the inspiration

Oh my Lordy lord what a wonderfully designed book – from engraved front cover to the UV ink and embossing inside. It’s an illustrated journey through the creative process of renowned design studio House Industries, who use beautifully eclectic font collections and span across everything from fashion to space technology.


A perfect read for the eternally curious.


Stick ‘em up

A cute little book documenting slaps, or street art stickers. No words, just pictures. My kind of book.


Angelou Basquiat – Life doesn’t frighten me

What’s there to say? Basquiat is a genius.


Just my type – Simon Garfield

A fascinating book exploring the story behind how many typefaces are designed, and providing a strong case for why Comic Sans might just be a bit misunderstood.


Counterprint – Modern Heraldry, Seals, Stamps and Crests

Basically the same as the Trademarks and Symbols series, only this time it’s with fancy crests and seals. It also has a lovely textured cover, with turquoise polka dots all over it. Fancy.


Typography Sketchbooks – Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

Stunning pictures of Typographers sketchbooks, beautifully designed and full of inspiration.


Hegarty on Creativity – There are no rules

I have wrote about this one before. It’s such a good book. It’s dug me out of a creative hole multiple times. It’s great to have a flick through, or could be read entirely in a couple of hours. I cheekily got mine signed now too, woohoo!


Predatory Thinking – Dave Trott

The latest book I’ve read, just a great collection of short stories illustrating how to stay ahead of the competition.


D&AD Annuals – ’13, ’14, ’17

Better than the bible.


And here ends another SCAB. Goodbye.

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