Be yourself! Unless you can be better. Then Be Better. By @katyedelsten

Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten


Be yourself! Unless you can be better. Then Be Better. 

I saw my parents for the first time in about a thousand years last weekend. 

They might be the cutest things the world has ever seen. 
Papa Edel was very angry about Brexit. Like totally livid.* Totally fuming about our future. N Economiks n that.
I mean everyone was fuming last week weren’t they? 
But, Mumma Edel was just really really really happy to have a day off. 
She’s a very good egg my mum. A little NHS doctor with an absolutely massive heart. Slogging away, working 7am til 9 at night, doing at least 5 days a week and often more (read: basically every week). Slogging away working. Actually not really getting much money and actually having to insure herself cause the being an NHS doctor is really not what the papers let you think it is**.  
She actually making a difference, and not for awards, or rewards. Just chillin, saving lives. C-a-s-u-a-l.
A doctor has to help every single person that walks through the door & make them feel better. 
A doctor catches the cold you walk in with and never complains. Just cures you. 
Always going over and above. 
Every. 10. minutes. 
Every. single. person. 
is actually a life. 
I mean, that’s a killer brief. Save a life every ten minutes of your working life. EEEEEEEEK. 
Now, you can’t really grow up in a house with that and be happy to not give anything back. You can’t really tell yourself that it’s okay to be a kinda Art Person that just *crEaT3s* things and doesn’t try to solve problems. 
You’re a part of society, you have a responsibility to be kinda active about that no? Just a tad. 
I mean you can try, and I really did. I used to make a lot of stuff. Nice looking stuff sometimes too. Here and there I spent a fair few years before coming to SCA making things that looked quite nice that people quite liked. Stuff that made me quite happy and paid me quite well. It was all quite quite quite alright. 
It was alright, but it wasn’t actually right. 
This year, my brain has changed. I think a wee bit different now. Actually, really different. 
Considering it’s so non-educationy, SCA has reminded me about all those mega philosophical modules i took at University; it’s showed me that noticing someone doing something weird, is not actually a strange thing to ponder over, and SCA has mixed them all up with the art word things I like. 
It’s brought a lot of the things I’ve done together in a way that *feels* seamless but is actually *totally mental and kinda mindblowing*. 
& I didn’t even notice it happening. 
I’m not sure what the conclusion of this SCAB is. 
But if you’re ever in doubt about who to be a little bit more like, be a little bit more like a doctor. 
And if you find yourself making nice things that don’t solve problems. Maybe you should come here. 
*Until his comment on the FT got Editors Pic cheered him up for about 5 seconds. 
**There’s a lot more on this subject but we’ll save it for another time when everyone’s a bit jollier about politikz. 

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