Bus Stop Ponderings and Sausages

Nina Beyers







By @1CuriousGiraffe


As I was waiting for the 35 at Brixton bus stop I got chatting to an elderly gentleman. With Bruno’s statement fresh in my mind, ‘communication is inherent to human beings’, as well as a curiosity to find messes in London, I asked him to name a problem in his life that could be solved.

 After looking at me strangely he replied that he’d like his daughter to remember to call him every Sunday. I began considering an app which sent hourly reminders on a Sunday, perhaps with guilt trip messages which increased in ferocity as time passed. Or maybe some sort of automatic sensor connected to the daughter’s sunday coffee, so that it only begins brewing as she dials her dad’s number.

The gentleman asked me what my problem would be. I said to stop procrastinating. He replied well just put a quid in a jar every time you go on your iPhone thing. What a simple, great idea. 

When I got home, my flat mate was having sausages and mash for dinner. Swearing at the grill we wondered is there a way for the sausages to be grilled perfectly around the entire sausage circumference? We brainstormed and developed the Sausage Rotating Sizzler ©,(patent pending). A device powered by an Arduino which rotates the sausages at a steady pace therefore resulting in beautifully cooked sausages.

Anyway, sausages aside, my point is there are unnoticed problems to be solved everywhere and there’s an ideapreneur in all of us. Asking a random person, a random question produces a random answer, and that’s what’s intriguing. And communicating with people (i.e chatting nonsense at bus stops) you can find out what unlikely and exciting problems are out there. 

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