The Art of Agency Stationery Cupboards

 At SCA, Mondays are the time to explore agencies, meet industry people, network and get a feel for the place. That’s all great stuff of course, but there’s only one thing on my mind… The stationery cupboard. An endless supply of Sharpies, post-it notes and felt tips at my fingertips, what a treat. 

Our sponsor agencies have been excellent hosts, answering all of our queries and filling us with free pizza and carbonated beverages, whilst everyone is chowing down, this is the perfect opportunity to scout the office, on the hunt for the treasure trove that is the stationery cupboard, the long lost loot? A box full of biros, whiteboard markers and the coveted scamping paper. I documented some of my recent adventures, and I’ve chosen my top #3, all for different reasons. 

Unfortunately, my favourite stationery cupboard to date remains undocumented as at the time, I didn’t have the idea to photograph such stationery excellence. At #1 (undocumented) we have We Are Social’s stationery cupboard. 10/10 for their felt tip collection, every colour imaginable and nice chunky tips too. The paper selection was varied too, with stacks and stacks of A3 and A4 at our disposal to scamp until our fingers bleed. For this, I’ll give a solid 9/10. 

#2 It’s The & Partnership, a delicious selection of stationery if I do say so myself, this stationery cupboard might be even more iconic than that scene from Peep Show. If things ever got a bit overwhelming I would probably sit in here, lock the door and mull over the sheets of coloured card and an array of whiteboard pens to calm myself down. It feels like a safe space. If only there was a box of felt tip pens… It would definitely overtake We Are Social. My favourite part? The stacks of notebooks for my ceaseless scribbling capabilities. Who needs Paperchase anyways when you’ve got one of these bad boys in your office? 8.5

We Are Social stationary cupboard

At #3 we have AMV… And I’m sorry to say, but quite frankly I am disappointed. I love AMV’s work, especially their bits on Bodyform, but the lack of colouring pens really upset me. Great selection of whiteboard pens though and post-it notes, they even had tracing paper which I mistook for actual paper and was very confused when I started drawing on it. I’m sorry but it’s gonna have to be a 3/10. 

AMV stationary cupboard


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