M*A*S*H – By @gringojoe96

By Joe Ribton


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the brand mash-up task. There were so many brilliant ideas, the best of which were lateral and solved some kind of problem/provided some kind of commentary. Alex and I presented Tic Tac and Polo because, to be honest, it made us laugh and we were putting all of our time into finessing last place in the book scores. Brand mash-ups can be hilarious, if totally unviable. I’ve been writing down a few that I thought I’d share, maybe there’s something useful for one of you amongst these musings.

Cadbury Flake and Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo: I think there’s gold in here. I envisage a PR stunt where you set a guy loose on the tube who has chocolate flake sprinkled on his shoulders, and he licks it off in front of bemused rush hour commuters.

Subway and London Underground: redecorate a tube station like the New York Subway, make Subway and its subs ‘The’ food of the underground. Stays warm because of the relentless heat, also provides customers with 2000% more seats than any Subway restaurant.

Uni Qlo and Muji – Coinciding with the release of Godzilla, king of the monsters. Battle these titans of Japanese cultural export against one another. There might be something in the similarity of both brands TOV, but the abject difference of Muji meaning ‘no brand’ and Uni Qlo probably being the most recognisable Japanese brand in the Western world.

Trojan and Magnum – Get the two condom brands that service well-endowed men and have a dick-measuring contest.

Partica and Deliveroo – Have you ever run out of party supplies mid-party? Have you ever wished you could get a top up on your booze, your pizza and your party poppers all without leaving the dancefloor? Have you ever ignored the call for fancy dress and BYOB and turned up at a party outfit-less and booze-less? Party on, with Partica and Deliveroo.

Lemsip and Alexa – Get Alexa to call work and tell them you’re ill, dim the lights, pump up the AC and turn on Netflix 

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