On the Run.

While trying to find techniques to enhance my creative productivity. I came across some interesting methods that might seem extremely mundane yet are integral to my process. 

I’ve realised that I always need to be on the move! Walking has proven extremely useful, taking the tube or the bus too. Being in motion really helps getting the creative juices flowing and making observations while in motion lead to fresh insights and new discoveries. 

I get a bit Sherlocky once in a while and venture out on an extraordinary journey of deductions, logical reasoning, and brutishly blunt claims. I don’t even spare the flora and fauna along the way. Love taking a jab at a weathered building, deducing why, when, and how it was built. 

Once I’m done being super judgy I often get lost in thoughts and ideas while in motion. Each medium has its own charm and can be quite seasonal too. Walking is best on a lovely summer or spring afternoon with my headphones on. I often absorb the energy from the street, happy faces are a favorite. The bustle gets me going, the scents of the street, good and bad get me going as well. It can be quite distracting trying to dodge people and maintain 2m distance. It’s been 18 months now, so I’m quite a pro. 

What’s most exciting is putting together a chain of thought that helps me connect the dots and create a sense of motion within my mind as well. 

The bus is probably my favorite. Sitting on the top deck provides a great vantage point where I can deduce and explore what the streets of London have to offer. I usually play some Daft Punk on my headphones at this stage, I find the bus ride superbly smooth and that helps with my thoughts as well. Ideas flow seamlessly and connecting the dots is a lot easier especially with a notebook in hand. This is experienced best in the winter. 

Finally, the tube. My least favorite. It’s often too loud to think and there’s usually nothing to look at. But once in a while, there are moments when my chain of thought syncs with the pace of the tube and my brain erupts with ideas. 

There are better ways to think, I guess. The mind palace is a great place to be lost and found. I think as we continue along the course we’ll learn new methods and hack processes to come up with cleaner thoughts. To anyone reading, I look forward to hearing your methods and any hacks you would like to share.


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