Procrastination – By @rolloskinner

By Rollo Skinner



It’s very easy to get bogged down with trying to crack a brief. The problem is the more you know about a given subject, the more it opens up a thousand possible routes. D&AD is just around the corner and the studio here at SCA is filled with an air of nervous excitement. The briefs are either harder to crack than we’d anticipated, or we’re just all so hung up on getting that white pencil idea, that anything less gets swiftly brushed aside.


Luckily, I’ve reconnected with an old friend lately. One I’ve been avoiding for years. Procrastination. Though procrastination has always been the problem child of creatives, stopping you from doing anything other than making sure your pencils are all in an exact line, if you are at a loose end you can put it to work. Working around, rather than on your idea can sometimes lead to new avenues of exploration.


As someone who struggles to switch off. I thought I’d make a list of the reasons why not working is often far more productive.


Here are 7 reasons:



  • It gives you time to make unexpected leaps.




  • Leaves you open to wider range of ideas.




  • You don’t need to be first, you just need to be different and better.




  • You’ll be less stressed




  • Structured procrastinators get more done.




  • Procrastination gives you an insight into what you find important




  • It’s easier



And if you want someone else tell you about it, here’s a Ted Talk by Adam Grant that Marc showed us this morning.


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