I’m free, free writing – By @McNultyMovie

I’m free, free writing (sung to the tune of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”)

Hey ho, this should get things started.  I’m going to free write until I get an idea – thanks Deanna.  I love this practice, its one I’ve heard before, and one ive tried to do before as well.  Sadly, Ive never really stuck witj it, funny that, how just typing typing typing typing stream of consciousness or whatever can be hard to do, hard to stick with.  But having to do it as an exercise and see it through brought the value of freewriting right out to me.  When we did the exercise in the seminar it worked in fact I think it worked really well.  A happy accident led to a poem that I really liked. So im going to free write until an idea for scab comes out and if one doesn’t then your going to have to slog your way through my free writing.  Have you got a pair of those winter shoes, you know the ones that look like rackets on your feet.  Because I imagin youll need a pair to trudge through this. Trudge trudge trudge trudge treudge.  This weeks been a blast. Its only been four days but it feels like its been 4 months.  Ive met hard working and talented people, listened to inspiring and encouraging talks form inspiring and encourage people.  Ive learned, questioned and created.  All in four days.  That feels mad.  I know the course doesn’t come with a guarantee but maybe it should because at this point its hard to see how it doesn’t set you up for success.  Its funny, I feel smug, like im in some super secret club where we’re being given the tools for greatness and everytime I walk by someone I think, HA, you don’t even know. You don’t even know! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I don’t know even know where to go from here.  My partners on the phone nexts door talking to her parents.  The dogs sitting on the floor and its really really grey outside.  That dsort of grey where you know its going to shit it down with those fat heavy drops of rain.  I loved Matt Follows definition of stress as fear.  I love it because it means you have to examine what it is that’s “stressing” you out and if you do that I think you get to the root of things quicker which means you can deal with your “stress” quicker which means you can return to “normal” quicker.  Stressed at work, or scared that your managers don’t think your working hard enough and they’re going to give you the sack.  Work is stressing me out is ambiguous, scared my managers are going to give me the sack is tangeable.  Now, Im going to speak to my managers about my performance get answer and work a solution if they do think my performance is shit.  Moving forward when I feel stress I’m going to stop and examine it and located the fear at the source.  I fi know what im scared of, then I can move towards not being scared of it any more.  On the money, its raining those fat ass raindrops, like I said it would – it would be shit to be caught in that.  Anyway that feels like a good end point.  So im going to sign off.  That makes me sound like im on a phone call. 

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