Everything’s Fine – By KRAK intake 2019/20

By KRAK intake 2019/20


Everything’s Fine


Describe your last SCA stress dream. If you claim to not have one (lies), make it up.

Tommy: I couldn’t escape the feeling that I hadn’t done one of Marc’s Christmas tasks. His red slides kept flashing before my eyes but I could never quite read them and I couldn’t remember what all 6 were. I was fairly sure there was a video that I was supposed to make but hadn’t. I woke up, checked google drive and realised that it was fine. There wasn’t any extra work I had forgotten to do, only the work I knew I hadn’t done.

Oliver: I missed a SCAB deadline by a couple of weeks. I was called into the office and told to write an inhumane amount of SCABS in an extremely short amount of time. I woke up. I hadn’t missed a deadline. All good. You definitely did, got £5 for 500 words from you.

Alice: ‘Twas the night before Christmas, I woke up after being stabbed in the chest by my new partner, my heart was pounding and I was dripping in cold sweat. I could still feel the knife for a good 5 minutes. Hope I made the right choice. (I blame all the Christmas cheese).

Elle: not a PG dream.

Marley: I had recurring dreams about a certain donut brief we did in the last week for about 3 days straight. And that was after we handed it in.

Phillip: I had a dream that I finished an assignment and freaking nailed it, only to wake up and realize I hadn’t. So that sucked.

Lawrence: No dream, I just couldn’t sleep.

Scarlet: Paul Burke was involved.

Alex: Dreamt a donut got elected president and declared war on Iran. I woke up glazed and confused.

Munraj: I was on a beach and next to me blocking the sun was a pile of unfinished scamps.

Sean: I’m rerunning things over in my head – like a bad counting dream when you’re drunk – only I’m sober and looking for a strapline.

Aaron: I was on trail in front of Marc and the mentors. My crime involved scamping, squirrel and donuts. I woke up just as confused as you are right now.

Rolly: I was shouting to my partner across the room in my nightmare, trying to make him sit down and listen to me. The no filter me came out even when mentors are in the room. The preaching me also came out.

Issy: I have a recurring nightmare of the time Marc lifted his shirt up and told me to touch his stomach with my face only inches away. The image will forever be indelibly stamped on my mind.

David: I’m always doing the same kind of dream. I’m stuck trying to balance a graphic composition. Here it was posters that I had to balance and whatever were the changes, it didn’t work. And I kept trying. Doing it over and over again. For hours. And it still didn’t work.

Elisa: I dreamt of missing a deadline that I didn’t know existed and I couldn’t figure I why I didn’t know. I started to ask everyone else and they had all finished a whole PB. I had nothing. I started to get worried because we were about to start presenting. Then I woke up.

DJ: Used to lucid dream until I was about 12 at which point I decided that I’m too fucking old for this shit. Haven’t dreamt since.

Chloë: My most recent one was from Squirrel’s point of view. I was worried I’d be blamed for one of Zelda’s indoor wees. There was also a persistent itch behind my left ear that I could never quite scratch.

Ivan: I am trying to design an interesting poster but every thing I move just snaps to grid. I keep trying to put things closer to the edge but the grid won’t allow it. I try to turn off the grid but I can’t. I can’t minimize or close Illustrator. Tears down my cheeks. I look up and I am but a puppet and the puppet master is Ian.

Carly: I was presenting a two day brief and Aaron and Bastien had put their slides right in the middle of my presentation. Oh wait, that wasn’t a dream.

Chris: in my dream its portfolio day, and nobody wants to see our portfolios…

Gigi: my last sca stress dream was squirrel getting larger and larger until finally Pete cain unzipped himself out of her fur but grew to like super size and then Marc the mini devil was on my shoulder telling me I deserved this because I’m shit at topicals.

Charlie: I had a dream that my car insurance premium went up this year because I was convinced to copy Phillips facial hair.

Alfie: I have a recurring dream that I’m doing my a levels at the same time as sca. People from school appear in other dreams and tell me they haven’t seen me in English class for months. I know one day I will have to atone.

Ellie: I’m being crucified. Bruno Maag stands on a hill opposite, shouting to me about how good Roman branding is, and how it’s a shame I never paid attention to their typography.

Bastien: During the thought mornings, down the pit at SCA while you sitting in a very comfortable couch, it is sometimes difficult to be fully aware.. Your eyes are open but they don’t make connection with your brain and some weird thoughts keep coming. Quite few times it just felt I was in a dream. That finding myself sitting on this couch was just a dream, and everything that happened since the start of the year was also. I imagined waking up on a random sofa, in a random place with a slight headache and this weird sensation that what I just dream of is to strange to be true and to clear to be completely imaginary.

Eva: Last night, when 6 guys with the different colors of hats were trying to kill me. I got shoot three times in my arm and woke up with pain in my arm.

Katie: It’s difficult to remember as there was a lot involved. Something that sticks out in my mind is Marc looking inordinately psychotic whilst saying “wow” over and over and over and over and over and…

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