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By @13samuels


O.k ! I am glad to hear the Arduino project has thrown a wrench in to other peoples world too ! It certainly has in mine … Before meeting this little blue creature I was pretty sure Italy was one of my favorite places in the world , really only because , I believe , they make overtly beautiful things… Ferrari s .. The entire renaissance period ..Sophia Loren.. Fellini movies.. Rome.. Florence..espresso .. Puccini opera s … Pesto sauce! I mean the list goes on and on, they  have consistently created beautiful stuff!  

So now this little blue buddy has walked in to my world and made me re think a lot of things!  I now have 2 of the things , I think , in the hope that they would procreate and produce millions of Arduino babies .. No such luck! There s still time ! 

But in all seriousness it has exposed my limitations and made me more in awe of a lot things around us and how they get done ! So when you see the L.E.D I have managed to get to flash or the worlds most annoying musical instrument just remember its heart is Italian and therefore beautiful!

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